Saturday, December 22, 2007

GEAR WITH A MESSAGE: 21st Century Maroon Colony

check out what's making the latest buzz in the urban fashion scene. after your eyes have feasted on the mindblowing photography, you'll find embedded in the layers of textures and colors some food for your mind to chew on as well.

in their own words, "21MC (21st Century Maroon Colony) is a S.F. based conceptual streetwear company representing the west coast of the Afro-Triangle. Live from Afro-Triangle, our purpose is to provide Tropical Wear garments to the urban Maroon Colonies of the 21st century. The patterns, rhythms, textures, and colors of Africa and Her diaspora, passed on to us by our ancestors, inform the way we create our collections and the way we wear ourselves on the streets. Each collection 21MC creates, tells of our rebellions on the plantations, and our survival in the cities of the beast." Link them at their myspace page or their website.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


never mind pits....hyenas are the urban nomads' new pet..check out Pieter Hugo's dope photo essay about the Nigerian Gadawan Kura ('hyena handlers').

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

time for some seriousness...

let's be real...what would it take to make golf a sexy sport? ernie, keep your eyes on the hole...

Friday, November 30, 2007

HOT OFF THE PRESS: shout outs

big shout out to TRACE magazine, CLAM magazine and LEISURE LAB for giving me love these last two months. so first, big thank you to LEISURE LAB, Zane Tate's online zine for the interview op!! those were great questions! if you are interested, it's here. (and those of you who gave me feedback about it..thanks and much luv!)

then the new issue of CLAM just came out...check it out on the right...

CLAM is one of my all-time favorite international fashion, art & culture's published in Paris, but it has offices in New York City and in Japan. now it's possible to order it online through their myspace page!

What you can expect is hot fashion photography (Marc Baptiste and Andrew Dosunmu rule!), an amazing array of creative people (visual artists, designers, poets, musicians, dancers, etc) from places that usually don't get this kind of exposure (like Africa, East Asia, Latin America and Central Europe), and classy issues that break away from the conceptual and aesthetic cliches of a lot of similar magazines. Actually, one of CLAM's principal photographers, Marc Baptiste, is also a regular contributor for TRACE. Every issue is organized around a theme (previous ones included 'freedom' and 'escape')...the latest issue was about GROWING UP AND BEING ADULT.

you can check the TRACE blog too..look for "Art Heals" definitely got the dopest bloggers, such as Sarah White for instance, keeping your hunger for fresh satisfied.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

ART SHOWS in December: Art Basel & Foundation Factory

my work will be shown at two art shows this is at ART BASEL Miami, FL at the Brian Burkhardt's WORD OF MOUTH show (BRIDGE ART FAIR at the Diet Gallery)...very exiting..i wish i could be in sunny Miami's snowing in Boston:(

...and also in the FOUNDATION FACTORY show I helped to produce and designed the flyer for. anyone in Boston, this shouldn't be missed!

def come check out some of the illest artists, bgirls and bboys in town. here is a lil history about where it all started...

IF YOU DON'T KNOW BY NOW: this is the shit...

this is off the that deserves to be a megahit...bring back the 70s Snoop!....thanks for the link, Kon:)
Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction

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talking about Kon...check him and Amir out at the BBE records' 11th anniversary party on December 1st, at the Canvas Room in London,'s a craaazy line-up...let's see..for example DJ Premier, Marley Mar, Dimitri From Paris, Gilles Peterson, Pete from BBE, Louie Vega, Osunlade, and of course our very own, Kon & Amir! i'm proud of you, man! i hope you throw on some DS;)

BBE 11 @ Canvas 1st Dec 2007

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

serious withdrawal

i was out of town this last week, and i didn't get to work on any of my, i never experienced such withdrawal symptoms in the last 10 years! i missed drawing so much, i came home at 10 pm last night and banged this out in a semi-delirious state (it's 5 am now). i guess when you find your creativity flowing into the right channel, work becomes addictive. it's a very satisfying addiction (if you gotta have one, might as well be this), but things get uncomfortable when i am away from my tools:(
it also helped that i was drawing a beautiful woman, whose face was very inspiring to work with. her name is amana melome,she is a singer living in LA, and she is gorgeous! her beauty holds fragility and strength in perfect balance. it is entitled "GLOW". it's also got some lunar energy (it was the full moon tonight).

Friday, November 23, 2007

STREET LIFE: color treatment

the alley beside the Enormous Room/Central Kitchen on Central Square (Cambridge, MA) --courtesy of the owner of E Room---, recently became a playground for local and out-of-town street artists.

this dope piece was painted and painstakingly stenciled by my friends, Kenji and Buildmore. they invited me to add some of my own stuff. I decided against wheat-pasting my logo; instead I took my #5 brush to paint it on the wall...what was I thinking?!

here it is!

my partner in crime, nine.

here is a bad bottlesucka! now this here on the right is really beautiful

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

HIT THE DECK skatedeck art show rolls into Boston

HIT THE DECK was a blast! the decks were fantastic, both local and out-of-town artists brought fresh works...i didn't like the hanging system, but what can you do...i'll have some party photos up soon, so stay tuned. i actually made a tri-part deck, but as i found out they only had space for one:( oh well, here is the complete set.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now this cutie is my painter friend, Shayna.

Mitch aka MK Fresh, Matt and Shayna

Josh Falk of Project SF and Dan of Bodega

Kira and Swat getting down

I got my friend, Kenji Mr Smooth on the left is Dana of Project SF.

Tara & friend

oh, and i want to share my friend, Nick Zegel's crazy tree-house skateboard, which wasn't at the show (I wasn't the one curating it, or else it would've been there for sure) but definitely deserves to be seen!

Monday, November 19, 2007

STEVIE WONDER concert afterparty II: photos here is the follow-up with some pix...
Spinna and Bobbito keeping the house going all night

my friend, Aurelie, grooving to "Superstition"

4:15 am, some of us can't quit it...

At 4:30am those of us who couldn't stop dancing were in for an incredible surprise treat! Stevie Wonder walked in with a modest accompaniment of two of his this point there were only about 40 of us left in the room (which was packed earlier), so we could get really close. Stevie is my hero, since MLK's death, not a lot of people have carried on the message of love with such charisma and authenticity. His presence was intensely spiritual, I think all of us in the room would agree.

He gave a moving speech about his love for people, about the evils of drugs that undermine communities, and about that fact that kids should be taught respect toward their parents and elders again. You can go and listen to his speech on Dj Spinna's page!

well, Spinna & Bobbito's amazing set was definitely crowned by the man himself, one of the most gifted musical geniuses alive. Unforgettable! thank you!