Tuesday, May 29, 2007

budapest street art..these cats are serious

last summer--like every summer in the last 10 years--i went back to visit folks in my beloved hometown, budapest (hungary), and i was blown away by the omnipresence of large murals and graffitis on the city's crumbling walls...people like to experiment by combining old school graffiti styles with fine arts or graphic design elements...
i was in visual heavan as i was strolling around.

these are in a store called Poster Urban Outfit, in a courtyard near the Astoria, Múzeum krt 7.

this is on Kinizsi street, near the Ferenc krt stop on the blue subway line.

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these are part of the same wall

this is the bike storage room of the Szimpla Kert, a bar in the heart of downtown...i loved the decor in the place..."wild styles" feel combined with post-communist retro aesthetic in a decaying courtyard of a Hapsburg apartment building..a must see, because it won't be there forever..developers usually take over with little concern for the art..

here is another outdoor bar & cultural center, the Tüzraktér (an old communist style factory/apartment building)....local writers and artists just went crazy on this one...this place has a raw edge, though the crowd who daily attends the place is pretty benign...i doubt that an establishment like this could ever pass the safety code in the US though...

don't ask....

monkey harem...

Dali stencil in a unused sideroom

more stencil on the street (7th district)

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