Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i just made myself even busier...

not that i weren't already involved in way too many parallel projects, to add to the piles of to-do lists, i decided to start a blog...i just realized that i have so many incredibly interesting and talented friends, and i really wanted to know about how they came to discover the way to realize their creativity, what projects they were working on now, and everything else in between...and i also wanted to share these conversations...these guys are gems and beauty has to be shared....i also wanted to make some space for my own daydreams, random thoughts and reflections...maybe to catch that ephemeral chain of thought that would occur as i would look at a letter on the wall, that would set off a random pattern of images and associations, to come up at the end of the thought circle with a beautiful face that i would try to remember and attempt to draw later from memory...maybe it is to create a flowing stream of memory...i'll let it flow

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Drága Li,

jól tetted, hogy elkezdtél blogot írni, köszi!
Olvasom, s nagyon élvezem; I like your new apartement! :)