Friday, September 28, 2007

Questlove this Monday!

guess who is coming to town again? last time, he blew us away with a several hour long James Brown tribute set....let me know if you want to come..i have some discount tickets! or if you would rather pay the full price, go to future and get it yourself....on the James Brown note, my friend Yuk from Japan suggested a link for a JB Tribute mix on samurai FM by Questlove himself. samurai FM is an amazing source for free quality mixes anyway, so its worth checking it out....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

TAKI76's interview with Steve Tucker of Pure Essence

despite all of its shortcomings, myspace can be used as a means to discover amazing new artists and find out something new about those who have already achieved legendary status. in fact, it is because of open-source, free media outlets like myspace that i'm convinced that many supposedly dead art forms (like hip-hop) have managed to maintain their vitality and authenticity... i believe that groundbreaking musical ventures are happening in the underground, independent music scene (similarly to the street/urban art scene)...since the mainstream music industry is mostly serving up cheese and soggy ear-crackers these days, one just have to get used to take more initiative in tracking down the true diamonds!
recently, i came across the page of Taki76, a prolific guitar player and music producer..after hearing his "disco cryptonite" (a spooky, ironic electro funk piece) and reading his hilarious self-eulogy, i made sure to check back on his page for fact, there are many other delightful reads, such as his interview with funk legend, Steve Tucker a.k.a Tuck from PURE ESSENCE.check it out to find out about their new release on Stones Throw, and Tuck's view on J Dilla, Cincinatti in the 70s, the state of funk and more. it is only a click away.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

LA people...Kon&Amir OFF TRACK launch party!

my friend, Kon and his partner in crime, Amir are bringing LA some truly soulful tunes this is going to be the launch party of their new OFF TRACK album, coming out this September on BBE Records, one of the best independent labels out there (Jazzy Jeff, J Dilla, Dimitri From Paris, DJ Vadim are among their artists). i'm wondering when will Boston step it up...!?!?!?
[also, check back for an interview with Kon that's coming up soon over here...]

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wrap up: cut&paste tournament 2007-boston

cut & paste was a BLAST!...the roxy was packed...equipped with turbo-charged creative imagination (plus some heavy-duty technical apparatus), the 8 contestants truly shined this last saturday. the masterminds behind cut & paste are really onto something here...the judges were handpicked representing boston's finest: claudia depiante (AFH), boris chang (puma), julian wadsworth (karmaloop tv), tak toyoshima (weekly dig), and al haney (karmaloop). cut & paste also made a brilliant decision by choosing the spoken word poet, oveous maximus as our MC (...he will also be the MC for NYC).
the winner of the jury prize was tim ferguson sauder, while billy nuñez aka biz20 took the finalist prize (you can see the winning designs and more photos here.) another badass designer, nick zegel, took home the audience design prize and along with brian butler (def talent), he pocketed the semifinalist prize as well...but in fact, everyone was a winner here!
[john fiorelli, executive director of cut&paste (middle) giving a demonstration of speedy hand-movements to contestants and judges]

[the 7 of the 8 supastars..brian, lillian, fish, nick, daniel, tim, and biz20...

[judges in deep thought--boris, tak, al, claudia]

[all-star judge panel fooling around--julian, boris, al, claudia, tak]

[boris, "i like it cuz it moves". ove, "hmm so that's what it takes..."]

[rachel of cut&paste NYC (middle) is giving me the eye]

[boris (puma; iheartboris) ...check out his stuff over here]

[boris & oveous wildstylin'

[the lovely jenn tsang of cut&paste NYC with steve simplyoutsanding]

[noah, grandmaster tech...the man behind the scenes!]

shout out to future classic for hosting it in Boston and to the NYC crew ---john, noah, jenn, rachel and caroline, and MC OVE---who are surely going to blow away the design gurus with the second stop of the tournament at their home-base in NYC (check here for more info)...

remembering a true master: J Dilla

with soul-penetrating beats & beat-penetrating soul, J Dilla will remain a true revolutionary of the underground music of our era...after his tragic death, the outpour of love for him was a living proof that if you live your life with authenticity and love---love for your work, colleagues and your audience---you can achieve something truly extraordinary. in his wonderful mother's words, his mission was to "spread love" and to share his gift of music...of beautiful, sensual. dark, healing, uplifting, empowering, soul-penetrating beats.

Monday, September 10, 2007

NOT TO MISS new york and boston events

if you're in NYC, these two events should be off the hook....this is where i'm going to be
on SATURDAY, Sept 15th
Cut and Paste graphic design battle in NEW YORK!
check for event info and tix
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and later, it's the new ALMA CD release party at SPIEGELTENT
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now for BOSTON, this is where it's all happening this weekend
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on SATURDAY go check out my friend MARKA27's Brazilian Minigods release party at Bodega
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Thursday, September 6, 2007

liquid sounds from Tokyo: OTA

thinking about the times in the early 90s when i used to pay hard cash to record stores in budapest to bootleg records for me, i realize what an incredible effect digital technology and the internet had in the last decade on the way music is distributed. to this day, i buy vinyls and cds because i love the artwork that goes along with the music, but i'm forever thankful for the internet for alleviating my bottomless musical appetite without draining my bank account. recently, looking at my musical interests, a myspace friend from Japan, Yukinobu, directed me to his pal, OTA's page to check out his mixes. hearing hugh masekela's 'don't go lose it, baby' on his first mix, the trip, i was immediately sold. well, this is what i'm talking access to dope music. OTA melts house, disco, and afrobeat into fluid mixes (and he's got track lists up there too!) check it out

call for artists:"WORD OF MOUTH" opportunity to show at ART BASEL MIAMI

my friend, brian burkhardt (an amazing artist and overall cool guy) is curating a group art show during Art Basel Miami...Art Basel, right? the deadline is november 15th, 2007. don't miss out!here is brian's message:

"this is a call for artists for the second word of mouth: fits in a box that
is sponsored by gallery diet and will be held at the bridge art fair during
art basel miami beach. click on the link below and then word of mouth for
all submissions guidelines and instructions, and in the nature of the show,
spread the word." brian burkhardt
check out the link to download submission form