Thursday, September 6, 2007

liquid sounds from Tokyo: OTA

thinking about the times in the early 90s when i used to pay hard cash to record stores in budapest to bootleg records for me, i realize what an incredible effect digital technology and the internet had in the last decade on the way music is distributed. to this day, i buy vinyls and cds because i love the artwork that goes along with the music, but i'm forever thankful for the internet for alleviating my bottomless musical appetite without draining my bank account. recently, looking at my musical interests, a myspace friend from Japan, Yukinobu, directed me to his pal, OTA's page to check out his mixes. hearing hugh masekela's 'don't go lose it, baby' on his first mix, the trip, i was immediately sold. well, this is what i'm talking access to dope music. OTA melts house, disco, and afrobeat into fluid mixes (and he's got track lists up there too!) check it out

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Anonymous said...

nice of you to let people know good artists.peace.