Thursday, September 27, 2007

TAKI76's interview with Steve Tucker of Pure Essence

despite all of its shortcomings, myspace can be used as a means to discover amazing new artists and find out something new about those who have already achieved legendary status. in fact, it is because of open-source, free media outlets like myspace that i'm convinced that many supposedly dead art forms (like hip-hop) have managed to maintain their vitality and authenticity... i believe that groundbreaking musical ventures are happening in the underground, independent music scene (similarly to the street/urban art scene)...since the mainstream music industry is mostly serving up cheese and soggy ear-crackers these days, one just have to get used to take more initiative in tracking down the true diamonds!
recently, i came across the page of Taki76, a prolific guitar player and music producer..after hearing his "disco cryptonite" (a spooky, ironic electro funk piece) and reading his hilarious self-eulogy, i made sure to check back on his page for fact, there are many other delightful reads, such as his interview with funk legend, Steve Tucker a.k.a Tuck from PURE ESSENCE.check it out to find out about their new release on Stones Throw, and Tuck's view on J Dilla, Cincinatti in the 70s, the state of funk and more. it is only a click away.

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