Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wrap up: cut&paste tournament 2007-boston

cut & paste was a BLAST!...the roxy was packed...equipped with turbo-charged creative imagination (plus some heavy-duty technical apparatus), the 8 contestants truly shined this last saturday. the masterminds behind cut & paste are really onto something here...the judges were handpicked representing boston's finest: claudia depiante (AFH), boris chang (puma), julian wadsworth (karmaloop tv), tak toyoshima (weekly dig), and al haney (karmaloop). cut & paste also made a brilliant decision by choosing the spoken word poet, oveous maximus as our MC (...he will also be the MC for NYC).
the winner of the jury prize was tim ferguson sauder, while billy nuñez aka biz20 took the finalist prize (you can see the winning designs and more photos here.) another badass designer, nick zegel, took home the audience design prize and along with brian butler (def talent), he pocketed the semifinalist prize as well...but in fact, everyone was a winner here!
[john fiorelli, executive director of cut&paste (middle) giving a demonstration of speedy hand-movements to contestants and judges]

[the 7 of the 8 supastars..brian, lillian, fish, nick, daniel, tim, and biz20...

[judges in deep thought--boris, tak, al, claudia]

[all-star judge panel fooling around--julian, boris, al, claudia, tak]

[boris, "i like it cuz it moves". ove, "hmm so that's what it takes..."]

[rachel of cut&paste NYC (middle) is giving me the eye]

[boris (puma; iheartboris) ...check out his stuff over here]

[boris & oveous wildstylin'

[the lovely jenn tsang of cut&paste NYC with steve simplyoutsanding]

[noah, grandmaster tech...the man behind the scenes!]

shout out to future classic for hosting it in Boston and to the NYC crew ---john, noah, jenn, rachel and caroline, and MC OVE---who are surely going to blow away the design gurus with the second stop of the tournament at their home-base in NYC (check here for more info)...

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