Wednesday, October 10, 2007

T-shirts do's and don'ts

if you weren't already turned off by the uniformly boring designs of abercrombie & fitch, check this out....this is where corporate imagination goes stale with t-shirt design that reeks of bigotry and lacks humor. you can read here about the controversy and the lawsuits filed against the chain for their discriminatory hiring practices and their idiotic designs.

now for design with love and a sexy sense of humor, check out
with instructions like "please keep me clean you dirty girl"and "who the hell irons t-shirts anyway", this yellow baby will clearly keep young ladies' hearts burning..haha! who doesn't love Boris, anyway?!?!

if you want to support a good cause, then this is the tee to consider. the The Love Movement supports a community in Benin, Africa with the sale of their tees. they are out with Ropeadope for $16.50. type in the code MARIO at the check out to get the deal.

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