Friday, November 30, 2007

HOT OFF THE PRESS: shout outs

big shout out to TRACE magazine, CLAM magazine and LEISURE LAB for giving me love these last two months. so first, big thank you to LEISURE LAB, Zane Tate's online zine for the interview op!! those were great questions! if you are interested, it's here. (and those of you who gave me feedback about it..thanks and much luv!)

then the new issue of CLAM just came out...check it out on the right...

CLAM is one of my all-time favorite international fashion, art & culture's published in Paris, but it has offices in New York City and in Japan. now it's possible to order it online through their myspace page!

What you can expect is hot fashion photography (Marc Baptiste and Andrew Dosunmu rule!), an amazing array of creative people (visual artists, designers, poets, musicians, dancers, etc) from places that usually don't get this kind of exposure (like Africa, East Asia, Latin America and Central Europe), and classy issues that break away from the conceptual and aesthetic cliches of a lot of similar magazines. Actually, one of CLAM's principal photographers, Marc Baptiste, is also a regular contributor for TRACE. Every issue is organized around a theme (previous ones included 'freedom' and 'escape')...the latest issue was about GROWING UP AND BEING ADULT.

you can check the TRACE blog too..look for "Art Heals" definitely got the dopest bloggers, such as Sarah White for instance, keeping your hunger for fresh satisfied.

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