Saturday, November 24, 2007

serious withdrawal

i was out of town this last week, and i didn't get to work on any of my, i never experienced such withdrawal symptoms in the last 10 years! i missed drawing so much, i came home at 10 pm last night and banged this out in a semi-delirious state (it's 5 am now). i guess when you find your creativity flowing into the right channel, work becomes addictive. it's a very satisfying addiction (if you gotta have one, might as well be this), but things get uncomfortable when i am away from my tools:(
it also helped that i was drawing a beautiful woman, whose face was very inspiring to work with. her name is amana melome,she is a singer living in LA, and she is gorgeous! her beauty holds fragility and strength in perfect balance. it is entitled "GLOW". it's also got some lunar energy (it was the full moon tonight).

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