Monday, November 19, 2007

STEVIE WONDER concert afterparty II: photos here is the follow-up with some pix...
Spinna and Bobbito keeping the house going all night

my friend, Aurelie, grooving to "Superstition"

4:15 am, some of us can't quit it...

At 4:30am those of us who couldn't stop dancing were in for an incredible surprise treat! Stevie Wonder walked in with a modest accompaniment of two of his this point there were only about 40 of us left in the room (which was packed earlier), so we could get really close. Stevie is my hero, since MLK's death, not a lot of people have carried on the message of love with such charisma and authenticity. His presence was intensely spiritual, I think all of us in the room would agree.

He gave a moving speech about his love for people, about the evils of drugs that undermine communities, and about that fact that kids should be taught respect toward their parents and elders again. You can go and listen to his speech on Dj Spinna's page!

well, Spinna & Bobbito's amazing set was definitely crowned by the man himself, one of the most gifted musical geniuses alive. Unforgettable! thank you!

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