Friday, November 23, 2007

STREET LIFE: color treatment

the alley beside the Enormous Room/Central Kitchen on Central Square (Cambridge, MA) --courtesy of the owner of E Room---, recently became a playground for local and out-of-town street artists.

this dope piece was painted and painstakingly stenciled by my friends, Kenji and Buildmore. they invited me to add some of my own stuff. I decided against wheat-pasting my logo; instead I took my #5 brush to paint it on the wall...what was I thinking?!

here it is!

my partner in crime, nine.

here is a bad bottlesucka! now this here on the right is really beautiful

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zeegisbreathing said...

Thats killer that they turned the ally into an art wall...I always loved walking through there and now I'm sure its even better!