Saturday, December 22, 2007

GEAR WITH A MESSAGE: 21st Century Maroon Colony

check out what's making the latest buzz in the urban fashion scene. after your eyes have feasted on the mindblowing photography, you'll find embedded in the layers of textures and colors some food for your mind to chew on as well.

in their own words, "21MC (21st Century Maroon Colony) is a S.F. based conceptual streetwear company representing the west coast of the Afro-Triangle. Live from Afro-Triangle, our purpose is to provide Tropical Wear garments to the urban Maroon Colonies of the 21st century. The patterns, rhythms, textures, and colors of Africa and Her diaspora, passed on to us by our ancestors, inform the way we create our collections and the way we wear ourselves on the streets. Each collection 21MC creates, tells of our rebellions on the plantations, and our survival in the cities of the beast." Link them at their myspace page or their website.

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