Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Got soul? Hermosdef aka Hermann Deza is your man. The Paris-born photographer with roots in West Africa's Ivory Coast brings a uniquely fresh visual aesthetic of the urban jungle. Imagine being hit by the smell of roasting spices and burning wood after you've been starved for days. Yeah...that's the kind of soul-food he is offering for you. His fashion and music photography will feed your lust for soulful freshness. One of photographers' main challenges is the be able to keep their awareness in the absolute moment, as they have to be ready to take a slice out of that streaming sense of reality --a frozen image of life- that will be powerful enough to make a lasting trace on our memory. To be able to capture the most intimate moments of human expressions --- like the unmasked soul when the heart flows out through a song or a poem--- takes someone who is really attuned to his own source of creativity and loves his subjects. Hermosdef clearly got what it takes. His portraits are pieces of soul. Raw and beautiful. Check'em at his website.

Hermosdef is part of the photographic collective, Organic Soul Crew and Jazzeffiq, French hip-hop group fed on Dilla's Donuts (you can download their track through the Jazzeffiq link). Link Hermosdef on myspace. [thanks for the pix H!]

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a girl named Rock. said...

I know him. I know him! I love Hermann's work. Can we repost this on the DS site and newsletter?