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My questionnaire turned out to be pretty popular among the ladies and incured a slight uproar among my homies against their underrepresentation. Well gentlemen, you've got flow too.

I would like to introduce Jelsen. Jelsen doesn't like to sleep nor does he care about feeding his organism unless Bahareh is cooking. He does, however, loves to drain his creative energy with breathing, living, translating ideas to images.

JELSEN AKA ////////////////////////////[photo by: Stephanie Land]
(ill artist, graphic designer, educator, beat addict...gets emotionally moved by J Dilla)
Im a Graphic Designer. im also not a singer/songwriter or part-time architect.
Born & semi-bred in Brooklyn, then Queens, then Long Island....highschool & college in FL. Glad to be back home.
That's a tough one. Hmm...i think true beauty is when you actually FEEL what your eyes see, or what your ears hear, etc. You know when a certain song's heard and it's a full body experience to listen to? Or when that 'love at first sight' thing hits you - it's cuz its felt through your eyes. Connects on different levels, i guess.
Jazz for dat ass. Though I was raised on classical music primarily, i found jazz in the 6th grade. I specifically remember checking out a Duke Ellington book from my school library. Bizet's Carmen and Leonard Bernstein were steadily played back then too. Later on i evolved to hiphop; lyricism is a beautiful thing. Various emcees have contributed to my knowledge of self - im completely indebted to the craft for that. Now i listen to all types of music but classical/jazz/hiphop are definitely my foundations.
TRUE SEXY IS…Accumulating perspectives.
MUSIC IS MY…Shadow. It's always with me and i wish i created it.
ART DOES NOT…Need to mean a goddamn thing to everyone.
MY NIGHTS ARE…Productive. Sleep is the cousin of death!
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…- Big hips,- High 5's, - Quotables
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …Oh, here we are again! Yes, self-knowledge determines my path and the paths of my children. It is vital.
ENOUGH OF…Me not doing enough.
TRUE POWER IS…Doing exactly what i want to do; when i want to be doing it; with whom i choose to do it with.
LIFE CAN BE THE...Best or worst thing you've ever had to experience.
TO LOVE IS TO…Be with my wife-to-be: Bahareh Badavi
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…Im a person who likes people! That's a win/win. There are millions of us....maybe even billions.
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE WILL...Be the women of today.
WHERE TO FIND YOU? Take a gander at:


Bahareh & Jelsen. Lovebirds. If you are interested in their story, read it in TRACE Magazine's LOVE issue, Summer 2007


My favorite new artist from Indonesia is Yogyakarta-based prankster, EKO NUGROHO.

This thirty-something is at the forefront of a new generation of rebellious Indonesian artists making waves across the globe. Reflecting on the aftermath of the tumultuous 1980s and 90s in Indonesia, this politically savvy artisan makes some of the funniest socio-political commentaries.

I came across his work at the Bridge Art Fair this week, where his Jakarta-based gallery, Ark Galerie, presented a lovely installation of his work. Def check out his work.

this is the Bridge AF NYC 2008 Spring installation of Eko's recent work

Jason and Ronald, the coolest gallery owners ever, from Ark Galerie representating Jakarta! Thank you guys for the intro...I'm a fan forever.

hater meets clueless onionhead


i love art, but have some reservation about the industry behind the art world. thankfully, Steven Psyllos, my managing editor at TRACE Magazine assigned me to cover Bridge Art Fair and LA Art Fair for our blog. thankfully, because despite the occasional reminder of the darker side of the biz, i had a chance to experience a lot of dope work that left my imagination swirling with new projects.

ok, so this year's focus of the Bridge Art Fair was Asian art. many of my favorite artists these days are Asian, so i was exited to get some exposure to new artists.

phillipino art rocks

Taiwan’s leading artist, J. C Kuo (Asian Art Center; Taiwan)

embrace comes in different forms...

pop icons: Ray Charles, Biggie & Warhol's Maos

dolla is no supapowa:).... on the right is a small piece from TWIST aka the legendary street artist, Barry McGee, one of my favorites from the LA Art fair. actually, the LA Art Fair was pretty disappointing. given that LA is the west-coast hub for next generation US art, the show was pretty flat. in all, the Roberts & Tilton (like this Barry McGee) and the Mary Goldman gallery's collections were the most memorable.

two lovely pieces from ROBERT PRUITT (Mary Goldman collection)

and finally, this one is for the art critics, no doubt...

for more photos, check my new blog with Sarah White, wronglips.
check out TONE's report

Friday, March 28, 2008

LICHIBAN X MUNNY: Gypsy Leopard is an Urban Nomad

UNCLOSED MIND: REPLIFE drops solo album

I remember when I first got on myspace a couple of years ago, a good friend of mine welcomed me to the world of "digital crack". I wasn't sure what he meant, but it didn't take long to understand what I got myself into. My bottomless appetite for new musical trends and innovative underground artists has just gotten a completely new place to feast on! I remember taking clandestine trips to Budapest's various music venues in my teens (my mom completely unaware of what I was up to), staying up till the club closed at 4am and then taking the three-hour train back to my home city to catch my first class at my high school. Back then, in post-communist Hungary just opening its mind to the promise of "freedom", only the police was carding kids on the plenty of those experiences, but managed to pass myself as an adult without any proof to the bouncers. My addiction to music hasn't gotten any less intense, and I'm proud to call myself a "sucka for beats".

So back to myspace. I've been following a lot of artists who are shaping the nu-jazz, broken beat and future soul scene, and I find myspace to be the most effective way of getting to know not just a particular artist, but a whole community of musicians in the same genre. Like many other new musical directions that sprung off of hip-hop, I believe that J-Dilla's beatmaking genius have been a huge influence on the genre which also has deep roots in soulful house, latin jazz, and soul.

One of my favorite MCs, a heavy-hitter in the international broken beat/hip-hop scene, is REPLIFE, a.k.a Daniel Gray-Kontar, who is not only "one of the freshest MC's out there" (you can believe it if BBC Radio host, Gilles Peterson says it:), but also a renaissance man with a strong grassroots background. The Cleveland-born MC, poet, publisher, award-winning journalist, youth mentor, and advocate for public education is one of the most honest and inspiring artists I have encountered in a while. For Replife, "keeping it real" is not just an overused line, but a way of translating rhymes into action. Read my interview with him on WRONGLIPS, my new blog with my favorite Brooklyn ma, songstress Sarah White.

His new album, The Undisclosed Mind dropping this month is the bomb! It is released on Futuristica Music on March 24th, and you can purchase it on iTunes,, Best Buy, and at independent record stores the world over. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the follow-up album to “The Unclosed Mind” recorded between 2004 and 2006 called “The Book of Job” coming out on Futuristica Music by the end of 2008. I highly recommend it.

Replife is on record release tour in England. If you are in London, you can catch him on March, 27 2008 at FUTURISTICA MUSIC monthly event at BARRIO NORTH. For more concert dates, check his myspace page.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


For the lovers of art in BROOKLYN..check this

for the lovers of Philly soul and deep house...Kissey Asplund from Sweden is the bomb!

and then there is a conference + video viewing of African Hip-Hop. fo rmore info, check my other blog with Sarah White, called WRONGLIPS.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Talib Kweli x Andrew Dosunmu: new video!!

Here’s the AMAZING new clip for Talib Kweli’s fifth single from Eardrum. The song is produced by Just Blaze and the video was shot on location in Lagos, Nigeria, directed by Nigerian filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu. Wow.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


My beautiful friend and one of my favorite singers, SARAH WHITE and I decided to launch a blog that could give us a free outlet (as if we didn't have enough...) to share our passion for talent (creative women are self-proclaimed nerds)--- whether in music, arts, photography, fashion or writing...we like hot shit and we like to support other artists. Our blog will have a large component of highlighting female creatives in the industry, who often have to work twice as hard to navigate their creative it's our way of supporting the ladies! Our baby is called, WRONGLIPS...yes, yes use your imagination...
SARAH WHITE/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Sing, scat, flo, sew, style, grind, write, photograph and spread my scent on the streets..
TRUE BEAUTY IS… freedom, confidence, pleasure, giving from the heart
BEATS… are my life line.
TRUE SEXY IS… making sure all of your needs are met by any means necessary
MUSIC IS MY… outlet to express the goddess within
ART DOES NOT… have walls
MY NIGHTS ARE…my most creative moments
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… dancehall, selflessness, dreamers
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …comes from surrendering to the now
ENOUGH OF … Ego’s, Pain, the BUSH family, police brutality
MY CREATIVITY IS… about to peak
TRUE POWER… community
LIFE CAN BE... dream you want it to be!
TO LOVE IS TO…know yourself.
I’VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I’ve got the power of the wind in my soul

Visual artist, healer, seeker, shapeshifter, gypsy, flow expert, lover. I love to help people get more free access to their own creativity. It is one of my missions in life and it is also my own inner journey. I am on a life-long spiritual search to understand the path from pain to liberation. I love faces and the stories they carry. I seek freedom in love.

TRUE BEAUTY IS…having one’s inner beauty in sink with one’s outer shell.
BEATS… are my addiction.
TRUE SEXY IS… a combination of confidence, subtlety & fire.
MUSIC IS MY…healer, my muse, my heartbeat, food for my soul and my body.
ART DOES NOT…put our creativity in labeled boxes. Art critics and people with rigid imagination do.
MY NIGHTS ARE…my days,
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…creativity, your imagination, my imagination
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is the awareness that we have come from and are united in a higher consciousness.
ENOUGH OF …violence to any being with a consciousness.
MY CREATIVITY…is the beast within that seeks release through every cell of my being… my salvation.
TRUE POWER IS…inner freedom.
LIFE CAN BE....a bitch but there is ALWAYS a way to transcend the pain.
TO LOVE IS TO…surrender to the god within and to express the divine flow circulating in the veins of my soul.
I’VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…I found and surrendered to my true life calling.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


On the occasion of WOMEN"S MONTH, I decided to highlight some of my ladyfriends. These women are real. They make things happen. Their creativity, positivity, beauty, spiritual depth and faith in positive change are a constant source of inspiration to me. They've got what I call FLOW--access to their inner power and awareness of their mission. Stay tuned for more to come!

(Dope Swan,The Stoop, Re:construction Period, Rebellion in the Hood)
educator/activist/poet/healer/life coach/dreamer/sexy mama/supawoman!!////////////

I create programs and projects around youth, art, and activism that empower people and organizations - with the intention of aiding people in fulfilling on their dreams.
TRUE BEAUTY IS… un-messed-around-with.
BEATS… are best when they come from the heart.
TRUE SEXY IS… exuded through confidence.
MUSIC IS MY…energy-booster.
ART DOES NOT…need an explanation.
MY NIGHTS ARE…filled with dope conversations and fabulous events.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… new ideas, driven/passionate/creative men, a great book.
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … begins with understanding that you are ignorant.
MY CREATIVITY… expressed in everything I do - from the way that I dress to the way that I write my name to the way that I live my life.
TRUE POWER IS… affording others the opportunity to live full lives.
LIFE CAN BE... access to spiritual evolution.
TO LOVE IS TO…remember what you're here on the earthly plane to do.
I’VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. I got it from my mama!

singer/MC, educator/activist/sexy mama/supawoman!////////////////////////////////

WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm an emcee
TRUE BEAUTY IS… the essence of ones soul shining bright!
BEATS…good beats can heal the world
TRUE SEXY IS…inner peace
MUSIC IS MY…attempt at transmolecularization
ART DOES NOT…be tryna act all cute
MY NIGHTS ARE…filled with astral travel
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…knowledge, wisdom, understanding
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is the reason you came to the planet in the first place
ENOUGH OF …war, murder, capitalism, the idea of poverty,
MY CREATIVITY IS… just another manifestation of the most high
TRUE POWER IS…in the intention and will of the spirit
LIFE CAN BE THE...time to use your superpowers!
TO LOVE IS TO…partake in the sweet waters of life!
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….i'm on a conference call with my ancestors


photographer/filmmaker/educator/activist/sexy mama/supawoman!////////////////////

WHAT DO YOU DO? Photographer, Filmmaker, & Teaching Artist
TRUE BEAUTY IS…self-expression & Liberation
BEATS…afro-beats, life-beats
TRUE SEXY IS… hmmmmm
MUSIC IS MY…soul, my healer, mi son :0)
ART DOES NOT…exclude
MY NIGHTS ARE…a peaceful melody
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…courage, confidence, sincerety
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is empowering
ENOUGH OF …injustice & inequality (BUSH)
TRUE POWER IS…self-determination
TO LOVE IS TO…submit...& LIVE.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SATURDAY: L'Ovematic & Soul Sista/DJ Spinna

S for Saturday, Spoken Word, Soul Sista, Spinna
First stop, my friend Ove's 2nd Anniversary One L'Ove concert at Club Love. Show starts at 8pm.

KeiStar Productions Presents

*SOUL SISTA ~ 'My Life'*


(In Celebration Of Women's History Month, Paying Homage To The SOUL
SISTA Of The Hip-Hop Generation MARY J. BLIGE and The SOUL SISTAHs of R&B, Jazz, Soul, Dance, Funk, Neo-Soul etc...)


SOUL SISTAs ~ 'My Life'
Mary J. Blige*Anita Baker*Lauryn Hill*Chaka Khan*Jill
Scott*Sade*Erykah Badu*Whitney Houston*Alicia Keys*Queen
Latifah*Aretha Franklin*Mariah Carey*Patti LaBelle*Janet
Jackson*Nina Simone*& more...& Collabos With Some Of Our Favorite SOUL BROTHAs
The Notorious B.I.G*Nas*Redman*GhostFace Killah*Marvin Gaye*Method
Man*Common*D`Angelo*Stevie* etc

@ Sputnik
262 Taffee Place (Bet. Dekalb & Willouhgby Aves, near Classon Ave -
Brooklyn, NY) 2 Floors

FASHION FORWARD: ROCKSMITH Spring Launch Party & Brooklyn Fashion Week

Like underground music, independent fashion is where you'll find the most cutting-edge, innovative ideas creative folks have been unleashing unto the world's bottomless appetite for fresh design. Spring is around the corner, bringing less layers and more colors (and more eye-candy..mmm) to our sun-starved bodies weighed down by heavy coats and salt-bleached boots.

Ok, so first, come check out what my homies at ROCKSMITH Tokyo have in store for you. ROCKSMITH is a Japanese street wear label with a NYC swagger, with heavy-hitter partners such as Kilo Goods, The Life Entertainment and my favorite jewelry-label, Complete Technique. I know about these brands through my one and only roommate and lovely friend, Diamond Girl, who is the baddest PR lady in the game representing Rocksmith and Complete Technique. check for the recap photos from the event on my other blog, WRONGLIPS.

And then there is Brooklyn Fashion Week this weekend. Check out one of my favorite new fashion line, missbruno which will represent the more soulful, organic vibe Brooklyn has been the mecca for generations. missbruno's aesthetic offers a lovely alternative to the yawn-inducing uniformity of Williamsburg's hipster outfitter culture.

"missbruno sprung from the marrow of our lineage, making twists and turns jusqu' it morphed into the trans-worlds collection you see today. specifically, we are two sisters: brooklynites by way of Ayiti; designers, by way of musik and film; independent, by way of clothing made directly from our collective hands. our designs thrive on our philosophies on life: wholistic, lush, simple. we make things meant for sustainable living and other unassuming revolutions."