Friday, March 7, 2008


i decided to share some of the highlights of last month. the real highlights, of course, were my encounters with some of the most amazing people Brooklyn has to offer. as many already suggested, with the steady migration of artists and musicians from Manhattan to Brooklyn, there is a massive creative revival going on these days. people are well aware that they are part of a movement. some call it the 'Brooklyn renaissance'.

i just moved into my new apartment in Brooklyn. 3 days work and now i own it.

my beautiful and amazing friend, Sallome (founder of ReContruction Period, The Stoop and partner in Dope Swan), captured at YUME.

The YUME STUDIO, the loft affiliated with one of the hottest urban gear store YUME, managed to attain almost legendary status since its opening last year. (photo of Mickey Kapps and his partner in crime on left is by Diamond Girl, my lovely and brilliant roomate. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with her.)

Brooklyn represent...

Dante's Private Fried Chicken sesame fried chicken with coconut banana grits...soulfood at it's best.

The one and only Sarah White, songstress and incredible multitalent, in her incarnation as a photographer. Stay tuned for our blog WRONG LIPS and for Sarah's upcoming shows in the Spring. She is the singer to watch in 2008.

Liberator Magazine and Stratosphere Studios showcased some of the hottest new acts last Saturday. Don Brodie's lovely photos provided the eyecandy. MC Eagle Nebula and her partner Tius Blak rocked the crowd with their real-to-the-bone rhyming skills, while Nicholas Ryan Gant brought a sexy R&B vibe to the night. My friends, Sarah White and DJ Don Cuco, blew away everyone with their incredible hard-to-box, future-soul heartstopper. Sarah's sultry, layered vocals were beautifully complemented by Don Cuco's soulful soundscapes. These guys are unstoppable! Make sure to check back for my upcoming interview with her.

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