Sunday, March 30, 2008


i love art, but have some reservation about the industry behind the art world. thankfully, Steven Psyllos, my managing editor at TRACE Magazine assigned me to cover Bridge Art Fair and LA Art Fair for our blog. thankfully, because despite the occasional reminder of the darker side of the biz, i had a chance to experience a lot of dope work that left my imagination swirling with new projects.

ok, so this year's focus of the Bridge Art Fair was Asian art. many of my favorite artists these days are Asian, so i was exited to get some exposure to new artists.

phillipino art rocks

Taiwan’s leading artist, J. C Kuo (Asian Art Center; Taiwan)

embrace comes in different forms...

pop icons: Ray Charles, Biggie & Warhol's Maos

dolla is no supapowa:).... on the right is a small piece from TWIST aka the legendary street artist, Barry McGee, one of my favorites from the LA Art fair. actually, the LA Art Fair was pretty disappointing. given that LA is the west-coast hub for next generation US art, the show was pretty flat. in all, the Roberts & Tilton (like this Barry McGee) and the Mary Goldman gallery's collections were the most memorable.

two lovely pieces from ROBERT PRUITT (Mary Goldman collection)

and finally, this one is for the art critics, no doubt...

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