Thursday, March 6, 2008


last month, i encountered an usually high level of absurd consumer items. after a while, i just had to document it. (i had to use my blackberry magic, so forgive me for the low quality images.)
like this special facial cream clearly marketed to men... VICCO TURMERIC FOAM apparently is great for all kinds of skin impurities and will probably keep the cheeks and stash shiny all day. cheez.

Vintage is the new black on the Lower East Side. I still can't decide if this ambiguous fashion statement somehow should be taken as an image of what men are all about. Scarry.

oh, and then there is this. i love my new place in fort greene. the jeff-koon-certified-aquarium-toilet-bowl is just not working for me. underwater life is not exactly what i want to imagine underneath my toilet seat. so my lovely roommate, jenn aka diamond girl, and i have been on a hunt to replace it.

we actually found more of the same series!.... much to our surprise ours is no dollar-store steal. it is a DELUXE ACRYLIC DESIGNER TOILET SEAT costing no less than $149.99! wtf? the barbed wire seat (left) is evidently a 'must-have' bathroom accessory for all prison-break fetishists.

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