Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ART SHOW to help raise for Liberian Women Higher Education Movement

Beside the Future Arts exhibit this weekend, my work also be on display at the The Juah Higher Education Movement (JHEM) Collaborative Art Exhibit, opening on April 19th in the Front Room Gallery. I'm always down to participate in art shows with a higher cause.

Curated by my good friend and amazing photographer, Mohi Sillah, the show will focus on bringing artists from all genres together for a single
purpose of raising funds to finance the higher education of 5 young
women in Liberia. Mohi have asked many artists to donate pieces of their
work, or a specified percentage of their proceeds to fund JHEM. The
funds will be used exclusively to educate and empower young women,
thereby changing the professional landscape, diversifying the
workforce, and ultimately creating the right environment to allow
young women to succeed during and after college in Liberia.

When ask about the drive behind setting up the Foundation and organizing the art show, Mohi explains "I have been asked many times why this is important to me; it is important because history tells me that since the founding of Liberia,
the under-representation of women in its workforce has been a
persistent problem. My grandmother, for whom this organization is
named, was pulled out of school at the age of 10 so that her family
could instead invest in the education of her brother. My own firsthand experience in secondary school, having seen two female
classmates (12 - 15yrs old) pulled out of school and forced into early marriages, has further confirmed the gravity and pervasiveness of this problem."

The first exhibit will be held for one month beginning on April 19, 2008 at the Boston Ba'hai Center. In addition to the display and sale of several works of visual arts, opening night will be accompanied by a performing artist. For more info check here.

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