Monday, April 14, 2008

LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS: Art show in San Diego!!

The World at Large / / Love Without Borders

In May, I'll be part of a group show in San Diego, curated by THE LOVE MOVEMENT, an amazing art collective working the LA art scene. I own three pieces from TLM, so I'm an official TLM collector, I guess. TLM's works combine political messages angled to wake up one's conscience with a philosophy of "love is the way", which of course I support to the fullest. And they actually get down to do the hard work of fundraising and using art for a cause. TLM is the way!

[thanks for TLM for using my piece for the flyer]

from the press release:

International love goes local as Limbo Fine Art Gallery hosts The Love Movement and other prominent street/surf artists in a show to benefit the International Humanity Foundation

San Diego, CA - Feb. 25, 2008 – How can street/surf art on the edge help kids on the fringes? By erasing the borders between them. Los Angeles-based artists’ collective The Love Movement (or TLM) has a history of creating art with that purpose, using funds from art sales to purchase school supplies and build a community well in a village in Benin, Africa. When long-time International Humanity Foundation (or IHF) volunteer Amy Thom first met TLM artists in 2006, she immediately recognized an opportunity to work together, using the energy of the art community to raise money for IHF’s children abroad.

Early last year, TLM dedicated a portion of art sales from an LA show to the sponsorship of three schoolchildren in Bali, Indonesia, supporting their individual educations for an entire year. In September 2007, Amy visited those children while she was volunteering with IHF overseas, bringing them notebooks, clothes and the knowledge that artists across an ocean believe in their ability to create personal success through art and education.
In May 2008, IHF and TLM will be working together again to spread the love and raise money for the education and empowerment of kids abroad. Given that IHF’s home offices are in San Diego, Amy wanted to open the city’s doors to TLM and other collaborating artists, bringing the best of graphic talent from California and NYC to Limbo Fine Art Gallery in Hillcrest.

The World at Large / / Love Without Borders will showcase an amazing lineup of internationally-shown artists: Michael De Feo, Wolfgang Bloch, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Ben Brough – 33, Andrew Sarnecki - Hippytree, Hovin Wang, Paul Lefevre – Polish, Micke Tong, Thundercut, Abe Lincoln Jr., Lichiban, eight-year-old Reece V., Meredith Ambruso, Guy Quezada, Jon Ho, Karen Jones and of course, TLM.
The opening reception of The World at Large / / Love Without Borders is Saturday, May 17, 2008, from 7pm to 12am at Limbo Fine Art Gallery, 1432 University Avenue, San Diego. Cover charge is $10 at the door with a hosted bar provided by Hangar One Vodka and Stone Brewing, live dj, and giveaways all night. All proceeds to benefit IHF. The show runs from May 10 to June 1, and is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays. Interested parties can contact Limbo at 619.316.2239 to arrange a private viewing.

For more information, please visit:

The International Humanity Foundation is a San Diego-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides free education and community leadership development, as well as operates orphanages and famine feeds, for the poorest of the world’s poor in Indonesia, Thailand and Kenya. IHF’s offices are 100% volunteer-run and all monies raised go directly to fund its overseas programs.

Here is a lil sneak preview of a 4-piece collaborative project I'm working on with Jelsen Jargon (featured earlier on My Homies Rule). That is actually him as a kid.

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