Friday, May 30, 2008

GET INVOLVED: a FORUM on the Sean Bell case

Check out this special forum that Fort Greene Peace of Brooklyn has organized regarding the Sean Bell case and police conduct in general. FGP hopes the forum will explore ways to reduce police profiling and the police use of deadly force.

Also, if you would like to stay involved in issues ranging from military recruitment in high schools, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, or interested in supporting refugees in Sudan, check out BROOKLYN FOR PEACE, a network of Brooklyn residents — parents, neighbors, and educators — alarmed by the growing militarism of our society and its effect on our lives and our children's future. You can support one of BFP's projects by donating supplies to Sudanese refugees stranded in Chad:

Collect Supplies for Darfurian Refugees in Chad

Brooklyn For Peace is sending desperately needed supplies to the refugee camps on the Chadian border through the Darfur People Association of New York. Over 200,000 refugees fleeing the genocidal violence in Darfur have crossed the border into Chad, where they are living in refugee camps with scarce resources.The camps are in need of warm weather clothing, school supplies, and powdered milk.


dion said...

I am from Louisville,Ky and I feel that this police brutality is out of hand. My 18 year old nephew, Montrell Mucker was killed on 2/1/07 after being ran over by a police cruiser. Why would a police officer chase my nephew with a car???why not get out and chase him on foot??? They wonder why faith in the legal system by the black community has plummeted. Looks like it's that way everywhere.

dion said...

The family of Montrell Mucker says it’s not satisfied, and is now taking its case to U.S. district court. Mucker was fleeing from police when he was hit and killed by their cruiser. Police later ruled the officer did not violate any police policies.

The family filed a civil suit because they want to know why didn’t police pursue their son on foot? And more importantly, why didn’t officers on the scene call for medical help immediately after the accident occurred? They hope this lawsuit in us district court will provide those answers.

The accident left the Mucker family devastated. Back in February, their son Montrell ran from LMPD officer Ronald Fey, who pursued him with his car. Fey lost control of the car and then hit and killed the 18 year old.

The police department was cleared of any wrongdoing in the case, but the Muckers filed a civil suit. 10 months later, the family’s attorney John Rouselle says his office’s investigation uncovered what he calls “disturbing” information. The family’s lawsuit calls officers on the scene’s actions after Mucker was hit, reckless and negligent.

Rouselle says fey, a rookie officer, was still on probation and shouldn’t have been driving in the first place. The family’s spokesperson Christopher 2x says, the family feels the police didn’t act fast enough get medical help for their son.

The family says Montrell ran from police because he panicked and calls that a bad decision. Rouselle admits the lawsuit’s goal is to reach a monetary settlement, but he wants to prevent this from happening again.

Officer fey was cleared of any wrongdoing in the accident. I spoke with LMPD spokesperson Phil Russell he says the LMPD does not comment on ongoing litigation. Christopher 2x says the family hopes this lawsuit will provide some recourse.

LICHIBAN said...

Thanks for sharing that, Dion and I'm sorry for your family's loss. I hope the family of your cousin receive their just dues, even though that can never replace what has been lost. Everyone should be accountable for their actions, and the only way that we can assure that, if we don't give up faith in the legal system (I do understand why people do though)...speaking up, staying involved and pressing for justice are the only thing that we can do to assure that things like this don't happen or at least get punished.