Monday, June 30, 2008


Check out Paul Park's exhibition who in his THE PEOPLE OF PROTEST documentents political demonstrations often ignored and made invisible by the media. Paul is die-hard activist who does not shy away from taking issues to Congress.

The People of Protest
Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
7:00 pm
The Half King
505 West 23rd Street (at 10th Ave)
New York, NY
There will be a slide show presentation by Photographer Paul Park with Guest Speaker Jose Vasquez.

Since the latest invasion of Iraq, both the anti and pro war contingents have been a constant presence in Washington DC. In this series of photographs, photographer Paul Park takes a look at the human drama and spectacle of the protest people, including veterans who have come back from the war with a distinct and intimate point of view of what is happening on the ground. They remind us that the war has a very individual human element that is often overlooked.
About the Photographer:
Paul Park is New York based photographer. His work focuses primarily on portraiture and documentary photography. He has spent the last year focusing on the People of Protest as an ongoing project on the culture of protests in Washington DC.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I feel truly blessed to be surrounded and be friends with some of the baddest talents in Brooklyn. Baltimore-bred Brooklynite-at-heart Dhundee is a super talented musical mind and definitely one of my favorite beatmakers/producers. Having shown his skillz as a DJ throwing some of the coolest parties and as an award-winning music for picture producer (not to mention that beside all of that, he is an outstanding father you'll see around the streets of Brooklyn with his beautiful daughter and best friend Nova), Dhundee is ready to drop a sound bomb on the world of bored slumbering ears hungry for a fresh new sound. My message to those just waking up after a period of cynical indifference or disbelief about the existence of great underground music (which for me simply refers to music that's free of the cliches and overpolished sound of mainstream music), watch out for Dhundee's new album...BK got something for ya!
Also, rumor has it that BROOKLYN BOUNCE, one of BK's favorite parties Dhundee was running with his DJ partner in crime Stimulus last year, is coming back this summer, so make sure to peep his blog for updates and parties. The big news I am very exited about is that his debut full length album is scheduled to come out later this year (I'm very exited about the packaging as well...mmm). The record will feature collaborations with Waajeed of PPP and Bling 47, Spinna, Daz-I-Kue, Domu, Sarah White, Kissey Asplund, Michelle Amador, TK Wonder, Nachy Bless, Asen James and other heavy-hitters. If you combine elements of broken beat, hip-hop, reggae, dubstep, electro, disco, and jazzy electronic music and put a twist on it with some leonine beats, you can get an idea of his sound. It's gonna be super dope, so keep your eyes peeled for his gigs and his new album. All my friends oversees and anyone reading my blog, make sure to give him a shout on his page,and check his website for more info and music.

producer, drummer, DJ, maker of beats to make your heart beat faster, master of ceremony, visionary, proud father & lifeartist, educator, a definite Leo ////////////////////////////////////////

WHAT DO YOU DO? Father, CEO / Creative Director of Sugarcuts Inc., Composer, Musician, DJ, Connector.
TRUE BEAUTY IS… Something that captures your heart
BEATS…is what i be makin
Feeling sexy and smelling good. ;)
ART DOES NOT…Have limitations
MY NIGHTS ARE…filled with me cutting, splicing and mixing music together, and you moving your ass.
Style, heels, and confidence
is like turning on the lights within
ENOUGH OF …The Bush administration
MY CREATIVITY IS… forever brewing
with the people
LIFE CAN BE... Magical if you pay attention to the little things
TO LOVE IS TO…To have a mix of happiness, pleasure and imagination.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….My Moms and Pops told me so
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…is my daughter Nova. Watch out now!
holler: / / /
Dropping the Dhundee album, Brooklyn Bounce album, Travel, more music for picture and video games gigs. Launching a few new parties in BK. Putting out a kid music album featuring my daughter Nova n friends and more experimental projects with my fellow talented Familam.

If you live in NYC or visiting and want to have a good time out, make sure to check his myspace page and sign up for his newsletter for his gig schedule. From the bi-weekly Sunday afternoon cameos at Brooklyn's Habana Outpost (alternating with friend and fellow DJ, Don Cuco) to the various parties at NYC venues, Dhundee's parties will provide sexy beats and a sexy crowd.

Papa got steez

Now check his music for picture production skillz. Dhundee teamed up with one of my favorite visual artists, David Ellis, for this experimental film project where David supplied the amazing stop-motion paintings (no computer effects) while Dhundee provided the sound track / beats. this is so dope!

Dhundee founded his own music composition company SUGARCUTS in 2002, producing music for film, television, radio, and new media. SugarCuts has provided music for clients such as Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Showtime Networks, FUSE, and many more. He is no joke... he pocketed four Gold International Promax (Promotion Marketing Excellence) / BDA (Broadcast Design Award) – Music for Picture Awards for his sound work. Check the technique.

Make sure to sign up for Dhundee's podcasts on podomatic and on iTunes, and to his newsletter through his myspace page. Holler!

Monday, June 23, 2008

LIVE! Painting at LIBATION 6-19

Painting at the DEJAVU event at Libation (173 Ludlow St.) was a ton of fun. I'm working on developing a portrait series of my homies as cats (I mean the ones who admittedly bear traces of cats), so I've been visualizing felines this last month, trying to morph faces into lionesses, leopards, or cheetas in my imagination. This one is the first one of the new series (you know, I've been morphing cats into humans for a while:), called KATS 4 PEACE.

Big shout out goes out to Yaz and Vodoo Ray who put me down for the event and featured me on the Old Soulz blog!! [Yaz is Japanese, hence the understandable typo in my name:]

We had two dope DJs, Peter Rosenberg & Ralf McDaniels of HOT97 spinning 80s and 90s hip-hop was hot, indeed.

Lexy Bella was on fire. I just started mine when she was almost done!

with fellow painter, Riz22 of Old Soulz.

Riz22 & Pesu of Old Soulz collab. These two have been making big waves on the NY live art scene.

We got the funk!! My lovely lady friends, Kanako, Ashley and Sallome.

iRECOMMEND: Interview with Mark de-Clive Lowe

While browsing through my friend, Zane Tate's cool blog LEISURE LAB, I discovered this interview with New Zealand-bred, London-based, Mark de-Clive Lowe, one of my favorite jazz/broken beat (and so much more) musicians/producers.
Peep the interview here!

LEISURE LAB was kind enough to feature me back in November, so I make sure to keep on sending the love back...thanks for the support Zane!
Make sure to check out Mark's various online sites
A little taste of his Freestyle Session at Jazz cafe...pretty genius.


Kiva is a "beautiful mind" of the music world. From what I can tell, he lives, breathes, transmits music 24/7. He is one of the local pillars of the broken beat scene, and he has been know as the developer of his own unique genre of music called STUTTA-STEP, "a formula derived from extracts of dub, afro-cuban, broken beat, and two-step discovered in his lab in NYC. As a part of the BROOKLYN MASSIVE collective, he has organized some of the baddest parties in BK ranging from underground roof top parties (like those at ADIOS BABYLON, his recording studio/art space/creative h(e)aven) to upscale hotel events. ADIOS BABYLON hosted Waffletronix, one the greatest brunches/freestyle jamming sessions of my life, a spontaneous day of free-flowing music with my BK music fam. Currently, KIVA is on tour with SHAPE OF THE BROAD MINDS and with WILLIE ISZ taking Europe by storm.

artist, producer, musician extraordinaire, story teller, educator /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

WHAT DO YOU DO? Artist/Producer/DJ/Musician
TRUE BEAUTY IS…my friends
TRUE SEXY IS…mind body soul + pvc
MUSIC IS MY…contribution
ART DOES NOT…care or compare
MY NIGHTS ARE…when I get my Count Dracula style studio sessions done
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…musica, mangos, & mamacitas
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … get it, got it, good
MY CREATIVITY IS…from the other side
LIFE CAN BE THE...way U want
TO LOVE IS TO…begin within
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I stay on my grussle, my hustle, my grind-24-7 rain snow sleet or shine
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…baby daughters of today
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? www. adiosbabylon. com / myspace. com/adiosbabylon
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? My new LP "Degrees of Freedom" is dropping now, also hitting the road this summer as live guitarist for hip hop projects "Shape of Broad Minds" & "Willie Isz" featuring MCs Jneiro Jarel & Khujo Goodie of Goodie Mob performing at some of the biggest music festivals in the UK & Europe! hope to take it stateside soon!

Now check out Kiva's dope podcasts....This 'Resonant Pathways' track is craaaaazyyy!

iRECOMMEND: Spinna @ Deep Space

I recently started to freelance doing visuals and marketing for Wave Music, the label founded by legendary producer, François K. François started a weekly dub night on Mondays at Cielo, NYC back in 2003. This summer Deep Space will hosts a number of dope acts, such as DJ Spinna (tonight), François K, Beath Pharmacy and King Britt.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

iRECOMMEND: Waxpoetics w/Amir of Kon & Amir & DeJaVu w/Pesu, Lexy Bella, Riz22, and Lichiban!!

Then come check out the DEJAVU party at Libation! I'll be painting in the company of some serious talents such as Pesu, Lexy Bella, and Riz22. [Yes yes it is a typo on the flyer, Ichiban refers to me..lichiban.]

First stop, our fam at Waxpoetics are throwing a record release party for the Las Flores Project. Not to be missed.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Representing El Salvador and Iran via SF and Brooklyn, Amir is another one of my multitalented cross-cultural fellow artists with an eye for true beauty. I first met Amir at my interview with Questlove and Black Thought of the Roots, where he was requested by TRACE to do the shoot. You might have heard of him through the I LOVE BK project that created all the buzz last summer in Brooklyn... he was one of the founders and art directors behind the brilliant marketing campaign and all that summer madness. Amir's work is super fresh; his fashion/portrait photography is able to capture the soul behind the outer beauty, and his documentary work in Cambodia is simple beautiful. His series of artist portraits are my favorites of its kind, and I love the way he uses colors and moods. While many people know him mainly as a photographer, he is also a dope set designer by trade. He has recently been blessed with a newborn baby boy; he is, as I can tell, a very happy and proud father...

AMIR EBRAHIMI /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
(photographer, set designer, globe trotter, a very proud father)

WHAT DO YOU DO? photographer/set designer/father
BEATS…Very good for you
TRUE SEXY IS…Nerdy on the outside
MUSIC IS MY…best friend
ART DOES NOT…always suck
MY NIGHTS ARE…better with live music!
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…to travel, a kickass cook, hasselblads.
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …embacing your mistakes
ENOUGH OF …Flava Flav( never thought I'd say that!!)
MY CREATIVITY IS…waitng for me to catch up!
LIFE CAN BE THE...physical life experience b4 take off!!
TO LOVE IS TO…accept people for who they are
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….my momma said so
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…is somewhere lost in the past
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? the new spot that was the old spot. U know the place. or amir@amirnyc
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? A new king( my son) and a new president of the Free world......Obama!!!!

CHECK OUT AMIR'S DOPE WORK. To see more, check his myspace page or his website.

Brooklyn beauties: dope MC, TK Wonder, & Stephanie Mitchelle

My homie, Dhundee and his lovely DJ partner in crime, DJ Moni. You can catch these two every Wednesday from 7-11pm at the Renaissance Hotel delivering aural massage for the afterwork crowd (well at least afterwork for the 9-5-ers). check here for more info.

Taylor McFerrin

Cambodian still life. These are images from Amir's visit to his big brother, Nader (also a photographer and visual artist) who was living and working for an orphanage in Cambodia, and who later opened up an orphanage of his own with the support of the Aziza Foundation there. Trips like this one change one's life forever. Stay tuned for an interview with Nader and some photo essay about his amazing project coming soon here.

WU TANG Massive//// Bobby Digital

Just found this dope video of Bobby Digital aka RZA from his upcoming album.

In progress....I'm starting a series of portraits of my favorite musicians/beatmakers. check the final version on my page.

Rise to Freedom: SOWETO...360


Presented by iSintu and Five Myles Gallery

A group of African and African diaspora artists come and commemorate the June 16, 1976 Soweto Uprisings and the Juneteenth

Movie Sceerning: "Where Are They Now?" a film by Alonzo Rico Speigh
Panel Discussion: Alonzo Rico Speight and Hip Hop Artists Chen Lo, Toni Blackman, Eagle Nebula
singer/songwriter Masauko and Yolanda Zama
Exhibition: Ezra Mabengeza (South Africa) and Fazenda (Mozambique)
Jamhuri wear founder Kimathi
Music Selection: DJ Eddie Ed
Meet and greet. *light food and beverages, included in $10 admission

About the movie:

In the documentary, "Where Are They Now?", youth from New York and Soweto, South Africa weigh in forcefully on the critical issues of race, class and opportunity in the era of global capitalism. The film also examines other contentious issues such as "ebonics" and "pimp culture"-terms that have been used to disparage all twenty-something's of the hip-hop generation.

More than seven years in the making, "Where Are They Now?" revisits the parallel lives of the 16 remarkable young people in the African Diaspora, first introduced during South Africa's historic transition from apartheid to democracy in Alonzo Rico Speight's documentary "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?". Released in 1997, "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?" presented poignant portrayals of African American and Black South African teenagers, comparing their lives and views and presenting their unique perspectives on South Africa's new democracy.

"Where Are They Now?", the sequel, chronicles the remarkable changes over time in their individual lives as they matured into young adults. who live in a commercialized, capitalistic environment. In the insufferable climate of anti-terrorist repression and lack of opportunity for poor and working class people, the film asks: Where do you people of African descent stand, relative to the shifting social and political terrain in South Africa and the United States?

WONDER-FULL: DJ Spinna & Bobbito's Legendary Stevie Wonder Party

It's that time of the year again! w/ DJ Spinna & Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love

Saturday June 14, 2008

KeiStar Productions Presents
WONDER-Full™ (X)

An Annual Tribute To The Wonder Of Stevie Wonder Featuring DJ SPINNA & BOBBITO

Spinning All Stevie Exclusives, Covers, Samples, Remixes, etc…@ The Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom

311 West 34th Street (Btwn 8th & 9th Aves.) New York, NY 10001
Doors 9PM-3AM / Admission $20 (w) Advanced Tickets /

Tickets Available At:
Fat Beats (NYC) 406 6thAvenue (Corner of 8th Street) 212.673.3883
Pieces (BKLYN) 671 Vanderbilt Ave (Corner Of Park Pl.) 718.857.7211
Academy Records (NYC) 415 East12th Street (Btwn 1st Ave & Ave A) 212.780.9166
Harriet's (BKLYN) 293 Flatbush Avenue (Corner Of St. Marks Pl.) 718.783.2074
Addy & Ferro (BKLYN) 672 Fulton Street (Btwn South Elliot & South Portland) 718.246.2900

Directions To: Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom
A, C, Or E Trains To 34th Street & 8th Avenue, #'s 1, 2, 3, Or 9 Trains To 34th Street & 7th Avenue.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hailing from Mexico, Marka 27 is from the tribe of semi-nomadic artists who can combine layers of history, cultures, eras, and creative forms he has soaked up along his artistic journey into the freshest creations. I have known him for a few years now, and I always admired his creative drive and his seriousness about his art. Whether in L. A or Boston, Marka has got his own little tribe-his beautiful wife and daugther- to keep the inspiration alive.

(ill graphic, apparel, toy designer, painter & graf writer, creator of the minig.o.d.s,)
WHAT DO YOU DO? I create artistic visuals by any means necessary .
WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME? Mexico, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles
TRUE BEAUTY IS…In the eye of the beholder.
BEATS… Beats Not Bombs
TRUE SEXY IS…My favorite sport
MUSIC IS MY…accomplice
ART DOES NOT…compromise
MY NIGHTS ARE…prolific
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…strong woman, good cooking, talent
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …reigns supreme
ENOUGH OF …haters
MY CREATIVITY IS…pure and raw
LIFE CAN BE THE...ultimate sacrifice for what you believe.
TO LOVE IS TO…love unconditionally
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…will rule the world
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I got it from my mama.

If you ever courted with an idea of owning at least one of the infinite number of vinyl toys that represent so much of the urban design aesthetic of the last decade, you might check out the psychedelic speaker/vinyl toy sculpture/futuristic incarnation of Mezoamerican icons of Marka27 (Serious collectors, of course, need no any intro here). Inspired by the pre-Columbian gods of his motherland, Marka’s mini g.o.d.s — i.e. Givers Of Divine Sounds — are true works of art with a function. Boasting an even larger and more impressive 17-inch shell and equipped with a working speaker that you can hook up to your laptop or iPod.

Marka has an innovative way of using non-traditional surfaces as canvas, such speakers, records, etc and giving function to his paintings, such as his portraits of Mos Def, Nina Simone, or Jay Dilla that have built-in speakers. Check out more on his website.

Check my amigos, Problak and Marka27 of the A.L.A Crew in action in Brooklyn.