Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I feel truly blessed to be surrounded and be friends with some of the baddest talents in Brooklyn. Baltimore-bred Brooklynite-at-heart Dhundee is a super talented musical mind and definitely one of my favorite beatmakers/producers. Having shown his skillz as a DJ throwing some of the coolest parties and as an award-winning music for picture producer (not to mention that beside all of that, he is an outstanding father you'll see around the streets of Brooklyn with his beautiful daughter and best friend Nova), Dhundee is ready to drop a sound bomb on the world of bored slumbering ears hungry for a fresh new sound. My message to those just waking up after a period of cynical indifference or disbelief about the existence of great underground music (which for me simply refers to music that's free of the cliches and overpolished sound of mainstream music), watch out for Dhundee's new album...BK got something for ya!
Also, rumor has it that BROOKLYN BOUNCE, one of BK's favorite parties Dhundee was running with his DJ partner in crime Stimulus last year, is coming back this summer, so make sure to peep his blog for updates and parties. The big news I am very exited about is that his debut full length album is scheduled to come out later this year (I'm very exited about the packaging as well...mmm). The record will feature collaborations with Waajeed of PPP and Bling 47, Spinna, Daz-I-Kue, Domu, Sarah White, Kissey Asplund, Michelle Amador, TK Wonder, Nachy Bless, Asen James and other heavy-hitters. If you combine elements of broken beat, hip-hop, reggae, dubstep, electro, disco, and jazzy electronic music and put a twist on it with some leonine beats, you can get an idea of his sound. It's gonna be super dope, so keep your eyes peeled for his gigs and his new album. All my friends oversees and anyone reading my blog, make sure to give him a shout on his page,and check his website for more info and music.

producer, drummer, DJ, maker of beats to make your heart beat faster, master of ceremony, visionary, proud father & lifeartist, educator, a definite Leo ////////////////////////////////////////

WHAT DO YOU DO? Father, CEO / Creative Director of Sugarcuts Inc., Composer, Musician, DJ, Connector.
TRUE BEAUTY IS… Something that captures your heart
BEATS…is what i be makin
Feeling sexy and smelling good. ;)
ART DOES NOT…Have limitations
MY NIGHTS ARE…filled with me cutting, splicing and mixing music together, and you moving your ass.
Style, heels, and confidence
is like turning on the lights within
ENOUGH OF …The Bush administration
MY CREATIVITY IS… forever brewing
with the people
LIFE CAN BE... Magical if you pay attention to the little things
TO LOVE IS TO…To have a mix of happiness, pleasure and imagination.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….My Moms and Pops told me so
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…is my daughter Nova. Watch out now!
holler: / / /
Dropping the Dhundee album, Brooklyn Bounce album, Travel, more music for picture and video games gigs. Launching a few new parties in BK. Putting out a kid music album featuring my daughter Nova n friends and more experimental projects with my fellow talented Familam.

If you live in NYC or visiting and want to have a good time out, make sure to check his myspace page and sign up for his newsletter for his gig schedule. From the bi-weekly Sunday afternoon cameos at Brooklyn's Habana Outpost (alternating with friend and fellow DJ, Don Cuco) to the various parties at NYC venues, Dhundee's parties will provide sexy beats and a sexy crowd.

Papa got steez

Now check his music for picture production skillz. Dhundee teamed up with one of my favorite visual artists, David Ellis, for this experimental film project where David supplied the amazing stop-motion paintings (no computer effects) while Dhundee provided the sound track / beats. this is so dope!

Dhundee founded his own music composition company SUGARCUTS in 2002, producing music for film, television, radio, and new media. SugarCuts has provided music for clients such as Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Showtime Networks, FUSE, and many more. He is no joke... he pocketed four Gold International Promax (Promotion Marketing Excellence) / BDA (Broadcast Design Award) – Music for Picture Awards for his sound work. Check the technique.

Make sure to sign up for Dhundee's podcasts on podomatic and on iTunes, and to his newsletter through his myspace page. Holler!

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