Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hailing from Mexico, Marka 27 is from the tribe of semi-nomadic artists who can combine layers of history, cultures, eras, and creative forms he has soaked up along his artistic journey into the freshest creations. I have known him for a few years now, and I always admired his creative drive and his seriousness about his art. Whether in L. A or Boston, Marka has got his own little tribe-his beautiful wife and daugther- to keep the inspiration alive.

(ill graphic, apparel, toy designer, painter & graf writer, creator of the minig.o.d.s,)
WHAT DO YOU DO? I create artistic visuals by any means necessary .
WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME? Mexico, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles
TRUE BEAUTY IS…In the eye of the beholder.
BEATS… Beats Not Bombs
TRUE SEXY IS…My favorite sport
MUSIC IS MY…accomplice
ART DOES NOT…compromise
MY NIGHTS ARE…prolific
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…strong woman, good cooking, talent
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …reigns supreme
ENOUGH OF …haters
MY CREATIVITY IS…pure and raw
LIFE CAN BE THE...ultimate sacrifice for what you believe.
TO LOVE IS TO…love unconditionally
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…will rule the world
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I got it from my mama.

If you ever courted with an idea of owning at least one of the infinite number of vinyl toys that represent so much of the urban design aesthetic of the last decade, you might check out the psychedelic speaker/vinyl toy sculpture/futuristic incarnation of Mezoamerican icons of Marka27 (Serious collectors, of course, need no any intro here). Inspired by the pre-Columbian gods of his motherland, Marka’s mini g.o.d.s — i.e. Givers Of Divine Sounds — are true works of art with a function. Boasting an even larger and more impressive 17-inch shell and equipped with a working speaker that you can hook up to your laptop or iPod.

Marka has an innovative way of using non-traditional surfaces as canvas, such speakers, records, etc and giving function to his paintings, such as his portraits of Mos Def, Nina Simone, or Jay Dilla that have built-in speakers. Check out more on his website.

Check my amigos, Problak and Marka27 of the A.L.A Crew in action in Brooklyn.

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brian said...

you got mad skillz,ive been a fan of your work 4 some time now.i cant wait to see the next burner on the handball court in the south end..