Friday, June 6, 2008

Rise to Freedom: SOWETO...360


Presented by iSintu and Five Myles Gallery

A group of African and African diaspora artists come and commemorate the June 16, 1976 Soweto Uprisings and the Juneteenth

Movie Sceerning: "Where Are They Now?" a film by Alonzo Rico Speigh
Panel Discussion: Alonzo Rico Speight and Hip Hop Artists Chen Lo, Toni Blackman, Eagle Nebula
singer/songwriter Masauko and Yolanda Zama
Exhibition: Ezra Mabengeza (South Africa) and Fazenda (Mozambique)
Jamhuri wear founder Kimathi
Music Selection: DJ Eddie Ed
Meet and greet. *light food and beverages, included in $10 admission

About the movie:

In the documentary, "Where Are They Now?", youth from New York and Soweto, South Africa weigh in forcefully on the critical issues of race, class and opportunity in the era of global capitalism. The film also examines other contentious issues such as "ebonics" and "pimp culture"-terms that have been used to disparage all twenty-something's of the hip-hop generation.

More than seven years in the making, "Where Are They Now?" revisits the parallel lives of the 16 remarkable young people in the African Diaspora, first introduced during South Africa's historic transition from apartheid to democracy in Alonzo Rico Speight's documentary "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?". Released in 1997, "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?" presented poignant portrayals of African American and Black South African teenagers, comparing their lives and views and presenting their unique perspectives on South Africa's new democracy.

"Where Are They Now?", the sequel, chronicles the remarkable changes over time in their individual lives as they matured into young adults. who live in a commercialized, capitalistic environment. In the insufferable climate of anti-terrorist repression and lack of opportunity for poor and working class people, the film asks: Where do you people of African descent stand, relative to the shifting social and political terrain in South Africa and the United States?

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