Monday, July 21, 2008

ARTIST TO WATCH: Little Dragon

I can't get over this reminds me of the Eastern European animations I grew up on....seems like a perfect match for the haunting track of Little Dragon, the Swedish band which is about to make it really big globally. Little Dragon's amazing singer, the lovely Yukimi Nagano may have been familiar to US audience through her tracks she did with Ge-ology a few year back. Check out more videos and read Sarah White's blogpost about Little Dragon on our joint blog, WRONGLIPS.
By the way, I should make a note on why I've been posting the questionnaire I started with originally my girlfriends (See 'My Girlfriends Rule') only with answers from my homies (My Homies Rule To'). I do support the ladies, of course, but I've been posting up their answers on WRONGLIPS, my blog with Sarah, since we use WL as a forum specifically to expose and network creative women in the industry. You can find Yukimi's answers to the questionnaire under the same post on WL.

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