Friday, July 4, 2008

BRINGING THE REAL SEXY BACK: PPP droppin new album in Fall 2008

One of the most memorable days of June was my interview with WAAJEED of PPP and BLING47. Waajeed's complete dedication to music left me inspired to say the least...inspired to further push the boundaries and to keep refining the craft. I had a chance to listen to the complete new PPP album, ABUNDANCE scheduled to drop in October, just before it was sent off to their record label, Ubiquity (apparently only Ge-ology and the PPP fam had a chance to listen to the album fully)...all I can say is that this album is going to be HUGE! Not sure how to express my excitement about this record...enough to say that I've been listening to it for the last two weeks pretty much non-stop (alternating with other PPP & WAAJEED gems). By the way, Waajeed is also a dope painter, though making music keeps him too busy to get down with the paintbrush these days.

Hands down, ABUNDANCE set the bar for new music. Breaking all boundaries, PPP's new album defies labels and forced categorization; it is what great soulful, sexy music should sound like, comparable to the quality of music produced by giants such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool and The Gang, or Prince back in the days when popular music had SOUL (something that is so desperately missing from today's overpolished and formulaic pop music.). With incredible musicians, Coultrain and Karma Stewart (whose powerful voice evokes Aretha Franklin's spirit), added to the core of PPP consisting of Detroit-bred Waajeed and Saadiq, you can be assured that these guys will take the world by storm. Long-time PPP friends, Invincible and Jamila Raegen, among others, also blessed the record with their vocal skillz. Carrying on Detroit's Motown legacy, PPP's ABUNDANCE is a future classic.

They have already begun touring with the album, so if you're lucky, you can catch PPP killin'em softly at SOUTHPAW, as they will provide the highlight of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival at the Official Afterparty. I'll be painting live at the VIP tent during the day at the festival! You can peep the PPP page for the concert schedule.

I can't give away much now, but make sure to check back later for the reference to my interview with WAAJEED about his musical journey from Detroit to Brooklyn, about the birth of the new album, finding the new cast, future directions, and everything else in between. Also, WAAJEED fans are in for a double-treat next week: come check out FANTASTIC, featuring WAAJEED and old-time friends, T3 of Slum Village and DWELE at this special event at Sutra (16 1st Ave, NY) on Thursday, July 10th.

This just came from Waajeed...get a taste of the making of the album

Music hasn't felt this good!
The new PPP crew:Coultrain, Karma, Waajeed & Saadiq

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