Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WATER-FUELED CAR.... Imagine that!

Imagine a world of no pollution, no war for oil, no blood spilled for drops of liquid black gold. The future is here...let's hope that the ecologically aware half of the world will demand that this miracle car will actually gets to be produced safely and sold around the world, instead of remaining a wild utopian dream vehicle.

"Developed by Genepax in Japan, this commuter vehicle is able to travel at 80km/h for one hour on just a single liter [approx. quarter of a gallon] of water. The concept is much the same as other fuel cell vehicles, except you don't need to feed the car with straight hydrogen. The Water Energy System (WES) and Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) are used to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in water. Details are slim by they say this is accomplished through some sort of chemical reaction.

Genepax is currently shopping around its technology to various automakers, so we're not sure when (and if) these water-powered cars will ever make it into production."

via mobile mag

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