Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ALTEREGOBAMA: Photos by That Kid Texas

Here are some of the photos from the super fun Obama fundraiser I was booked to do live painting on August 9th. Big shout out to Texas aka That Kid Texas, the female team member of the NEW POP crew. She is dope as hell, so make sure to check her photography on her page.
This is going to be my third Obama piece...I'll really make up for not being able to vote officially.
The first two of the portrait series I'm working on...more soon. After all the moving hassle almost over, I'm back to work finally!

Whew, Theophilus London was killing it (check his answers under the My Homies Rule Too section)... the amazing performance was accompanied by his badass crew, called The Lovers. His producer, Machinedrum was also in da house.

The hostess of the night, Miss Diamond Girl..I love this chica. Thanks!

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