Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My very first live painting piece I did on the left, and a more recent one on the right

July and August were the busiest months ever...lots of painting gigs, moving to another place, and the usual grind. During the live art gigs, I'm loving the energy, the music, and the people who come up to me and express what they think about my lines, but I do miss the solitude of working at home and being able to pay attention to details. Here are some belated pics from the last two months, I got really behind with the documentation.


Not sure what inspired this Spacemama...I guess sitting under the blazing sun in the heavy BK heat inspires images of space travel and a glowing b-girl in a spacesuit.

Catching KRS-One on the way to the stage...he wanted to put our paintings on the stage, but none of the other painters were around to get them there. next time, I guess...

Girlpower (The painters) on left, the surprise guest of the afterparty, Keith Murray was on fire

On right, Sha is working it. Al of Minority Report hanging with us & the Yume crew at the VIP tent.

The highlight of the day was for me the incredible performance of the Platinum Pied Pipers. Karma, Jamila, Waajeed, Saadiq and Coultrain blew everyone away. With the homies, Dhundee & Jamila after the show. Tarik of Rhythm Lab Radio was in town too.

HIGHLINE BALLROOM with The Real Live Show & Maya Azuzena, NYC July 28th

Stage 1 on left my piece is being sketched out during The Real Live Show, Stage 2 getting some color on while Maya is rocking the mic

My beautiful painter colleagues, Amanda Diva and Marthalicia

Amanda's fresh piece on the right...can't believe she did all that in a few hours

Riz 22 & Pesu are veteran live painters by now

HARRIET'S ALTER EGO, Brooklyn: Backyard Couture
My logo i put up (the heart with the crown) on the communal message wall...i liked how spontaneously the wall just filled up.

DEJAVU KRS-One afterparty at LIBATION, NYC July 24
Man I didn't know what the hell I was doing with this one. My colleague, Lexi started to collab on this but then she kinda abandoned it, so this was a real tough one. It's all good, we always need to be able to face new challenges.

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