Saturday, August 9, 2008


Work in progress...

I would like to send a big shout out to Mike and the fam at YUME, who have been giving me a whole lot of love and support. This last month, I've been involved in a mural painting project at their YUME loft (925 Bergen St). Here are some images of the progress...been a huge undertaking given that I was also moving to another place this month and had to paint my own place too...whew.

I would also like to thank Mike for featuring me as the YUME artist of the month. Much honored! Check it here.

Keep your eyes peeled for art and music related events at YUME. Brooklyn never fails to bring out the freshest gems of its creative capital. In September, YUME will restart their event series, so you will have a chance to see the finished piece if you're interested. They will have a silk screening station set up as well and will debut their new Fall clothing line, so make sure to check their event calendar on their blog.

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