Tuesday, September 30, 2008

THE NEW CROP: Raye 6 ::: life as a cat...

Raye and I connected through our related animal alteregos. Like with many of my artist friends whose work I really believe in, I am very grateful to be visually part of her world ... Here is a lil peek into the work I've done for her. Her birthday is coming up and she is getting ready to turn up the heat at her birthday bash along with talented comrades, Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III. Check back for more info on that one....Also, you can check out two more Raye 6 related art work at the GIRLS DREAM IN COLOR show at Harriet's Alter Ego, at our opening on Sunday, October 5, Brooklyn (5-9pm).

Monday, September 29, 2008

BROOKLYN OCTOBER ::: my ART SHOWS to celebrate LOVE this month

Somehow I ended up having my work in 3 different Brooklyn art shows this OCTOBER (and of course, absolutely no time...)
so first, 1) I'll have an art exhibit with artist friend YAH at NAPPY G's pre-record release party GPS SUPREME at SUPREME TRADING 213 N. 8TH Ave in Williamsburg, BK. My good friend, Nappy G is coming out with a dope EP on bagpak records this Fall, so this will be a little teaser. Other bagpak djs, such as Arch-typ, Yellowtail, Zilvinas will spin nu jazz/future soul in the front room. Our work will be on display between October 1st to October 4th.

then 2) I curated and co-present this exciting all-female art show with Yah of Cocolah (again!:) coming up on Sunday, October 5th at Harriet's Alter Ego, and will be on display until Oct 30th. This is an opportunity for me to connect and further expose some of the most talented female artists in New York in the hope of building a collective, a movement, or wherever we want to take it. This is the first installment of Girls Dream in Color, an all-female art exhibit & live art installation entitled "BABY, LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT LOVE IS..." It will also be the official launch party of cocolah.com, the brainchild of Yah aka Yacira Valdez, who is a true renaissance woman (stylist, visual artist, designer,mother). Cocolah is going to be the place to go for the dopest underground fashion designers' work and it will also sell prints of select artists (like myself).

The show is a celebration of LOVE in time of war through the feminine lens, featuring some of New York City's hottest emerging and established female artists. The exhibited works explore LOVE from a wide range of angles from the spiritual, erotic, dark, or familial to the political. As a collective, Girls Dream In Color hopes to inspire the next generation of young visionaries to follow their dreams to become artists.

and then, 3) at ALPHABETA, Brooklyn at the YOUNITY's Heart & Soul Exhibition and Book Launch, October 17,2008. I am super exited to be at this show with 50+ super dope female artists. It is time to channel some feminine creativity into these (in)tense times...Brooklyn is buzzing and I am very exited to be part of the whole creative expansion..we are definitely part of a movement, locally people call it the Brooklyn Renaissance, I feel like it is a reawakening of the heart that many of us feel and try to put it into our work...the world needs healing and it is time for us to build on the momentum and do this as individuals and also as collectives. I'll be doing a lot of collabs in the future and hope to bring together my artist friends so we can do this together. Long live freedom of the mind & the heart!

i'm really feeling this...

crazy animation& music combo I found on the WARP Records youtube page: by the UK act, CLARK ::: Ted (from Body Riddle).

it reminded me of MICROCOSMOS, on of my favorite animations by Claude Nuridsany & Marie Pérennou

Saturday, September 27, 2008

iRECOMMEND: Tonight at BAM: King Britt & Victer Duplaix and more...

Saturday September 27:
an All-Nighter At BAM!

From 9pm until 4am, party like it's 1999 at BAM. All night. It's the second annual Takeover.

$20 in advance, $25 (cash only) at the door

TAKEOVER returns this fall for a second sleepless night. Four bands, selected by Sufjan Stevens, keep the Opera House full, while four movie marathons screen in the cinemas. DJs spin all night long, setting the beat for a nonstop dance party in BAMcafé, while video art, cheap beer, and endless diversions take you from dusk 'til dawn.


King Britt
Vikter Duplaix

Bring Back the Draught!:::Featuring Beerfest, Strange Brew, The Saddest Music in the World, and The Fatal Glass of Beer
Up All Night in 1985:::Featuring The Last Dragon, Perfect, Fright Night, and more
The Reel World: Brooklyn:::Featuring Saturday Night Fever, She's Gotta Have It, and The Warriors
Lars von Trier's The Kingdom: Part I

Friday, September 26, 2008

This is one of the reasons why....

you gotta love Theophilus London. "Heal the world" is the message... check his blog on his visit to GUAM here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEW WORK ii: LICHIBAN ::: Kats 'R Us

I just finished this last night...going into private collection. It is part of the series I started at the YUME loft...more on the way...prrrr

iRECOMMEND: A.L.I.E.N sample sale

A.L.I.E.N., one of my favorite street wear lines is having a sample sale this Friday at Bar 87. A.L.I.E.N is actually way bigger than a clothing line; it is also a record label and a whole movement. I recently showcased some of my works at YUME at the exclusive listening party of their first signed act, the beautiful NIKKI NTU whose debut album was produced by another dope talent, Melo X....it is fiya! Make sure to keep your eyes out for her album dropping in the winter. Check who's down with the galaxy riders...my favorite BK heavy-hitters Raye 6, Theophilus London, Print & Good Day Good Night, Fresh Daily. it's a new era for the new mental universe...

Monday, September 22, 2008

ARTIST TO WATCH: Raye 6, the wondrous

If you haven't already, you will hear a LOT about this lovely songstress in the future. She is beautiful and is real to the core...just wait, the next hurricane will be named after Raye 6...she is unstoppable! Check back for exclusive Raye 6 x Lichiban collab, and give her some love here.

JUXTAPOZ October issue gives love to HEART & SOUL

Check the October issue of JUXTAPOZ!!! I am super exited about this all-female group art show that YOUNITY, founded by NYC graffiti artist/painter TOOFLY and Alice Mizrahi, has curated. The exhibit will also be accompanied by the HEART & SOUL book launch that will feature art from Swoon, Martha Cooper, Lady Pink, Toofly, Faith 47, and truly yours, among other fantastic female artists. October 17th, Alphabeta Gallery, BK. SAVE THE DATE! more info soon...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Eagle Nebula's COSMIC HEADPHONES sold out in Japan!

This is the year of the Rat--the year of accomplishments and debuting new work (which might be a new you)--, and, indeed, it's been exiting to many of my friends who have come out with a number of dope new projects this year. My girl, Eagle Nebula's first solo album, COSMIC HEADPHONES (ePistrophik Peach Sound/ grooveattack) first dropped in Japan and it sold out in the first two weeks! Eagle worked with West-coast power couple, Georgia Anne Muldrow (producer) & Dudley Perkins (executive producer) who produced the entire album (check out the ePistrophic Peach Sound youtube page for more). Eagle's earth-healing rhymes channeling cosmic wisdom through her magic headphones are well-matched by Georgia's & Dudley's spacey hip-hop beats and loops...you haven't heard anything like it...it is dope! Eagle is an inside-and-out beautiful person who always has an illuminating, positive aura you just want to be around...she is "effortlessly great" as Waajeed once described her to me...I am very happy for her success. Here is what Georgia says about Eagle

"cosmic headphones are her musings on this life experience; the etheric and the raw harmonize to create the quintessential soundtrack for the nu human nation. i am very proud to be her assistant on this album....once you hear the jewels that drop out her throat...you'll be hooked! envision a solar powered lowrider made from electrum with hovercraft capability and boom. you there."

She is going off on record release tour to France in October. Oye congrats, ma!

Eagle Nebula, where stars are born and initiated into cosmic secrets....COSMIC HEADPHONES coming in October to the US!
check out her blog here for more info.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MY HOMIES RULE TOO: Organic Soul Collective

The ORGANIC SOUL COLLECTIVE is one of my favorite photography collectives. Hailing from France, its members, DORLIS, HERMOSDEF (who was already featured here once a few months back) and KIJA are three of the most gifted photographers when it comes to "catching souls", as Dorlis describes his passion. These portraits are like dream catchers slicing moments out of the heart of beauty...I hope to achieve to channel into my portraits the intensity that these photos are able to capture. Follow the link to see Dorlis'and Hermosdef's page on flickr, and make sure to give them a shout on their myspace page (linked above).

DORLIS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
WHAT DO YOU DO? Catching soul, I’m a soul admirer, Caribbean activist, dreamer, lazy ass
TRUE BEAUTY IS… innocence
BEATS… Meshell
TRUE SEXY IS… curves and rythm or rythm of curves
MUSIC IS MY…salvation ??
ART DOES NOT… mean anything it’s just a point of view
MY NIGHTS ARE… full of shiny days
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… wife, dream, soulfood
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … wooooooooww !!!!!!!! hum !!! well ……
MY CREATIVITY IS…the best way to speak the truth (I’m a serial lier)
TRUE POWER IS…having the choice to be a lazy ass
LIFE CAN BE THE...next milestone ????
TO LOVE IS TO…pay attention to silence
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….that’s the way it is
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE… !!!! is already sharing my life
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? organic_soul@hotmail.com
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? Hermosdef and I are coming to New York


WHAT DO YOU DO? I capture moments in time, souls and wonders unsuspected by the naked eye
TRUE BEAUTY IS…often overlooked. it hides in unusual places.
BEATS…by the late J.Dilla
TRUE SEXY IS…unconscious
MUSIC IS MY…fuel and daily inspiration, my bread, water and friend
ART DOES NOT…feed the hungry but it quenches a thirst
MY NIGHTS ARE…busy,sexy,and full of people. definitely better than my days
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…a witty mind, self confidence, pointy nipples
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is the key to greatness.
ENOUGH OF …Hilary Clinton.
MY CREATIVITY IS…a reflexion of my individuality
TRUE POWER IS…total control over one's destiny
LIFE CAN BE THE...most wonderful thing, but, from time to time, she gets bitchy
TO LOVE IS TO…share, forgive and respect
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…my girl Licsi said so
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…is so self-confident that she just attracts real men and scares away the unprepared
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? Where music lives, and on hermosdef@gmail.com (hermosdef. com when the site is up and running again)
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? 2 exhibitions in Paris in June and July. My first trip to NY. A tattoo...maybe...and colours. More colours...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

iRECOMMEND: SARAH WHITE: Hiding Blind EP dropping on Sept 25th!!!

My beautiful friend and one of my favorite singers, Sarah White's new album HIDING BLIND is finally dropping on Sept 25th!

This has been a much anticipated album that we've all been waiting for...very exiting, indeed. All but 2 of the tracks were produced by Dj Don Cuco aka Rico aka Sarah's baby daddy. Read my earlier interview with Sarah here.

Check out itunes, Bagpak Music, Dj Don Cuco's page or Sarah's page to cop the goods soon...GET ON IT!!! Oh and let's not forget CD Art by two of my other homies, the amazing Jelsen Jargon
and cover photo by multitalent MC/ poet/ photographer Eagle Nebula.

VIRGO TENDENCIES: virgo party all night long

If you missed the previous party at Sputnik, or just simply want to have a good time and chill with some cool peeps at BK, come and celebrate...my friend and one of my favorite Virgos Al of the Minority Report is having a big b-day bash and invited me to join the festivities. Hell yeah!


"Virgo Tendencies"
-The Virgo Finale!

Tamboril-527 Myrtle Ave. near Grand St. /Clinton Hill BK, behind Pratt U.

Music by fellow Virgo DJ Blackocaine & the Ahficionados

Art display by fellow Virgo Lichiban..yes that's me:)

FREE admission all night!
Kitchen open till 1am

This is thee BIG ONE! Virgo B'day past or comin' up? Celebrate it with the rest of us!

There is the Mobius Collective party celebrating yet another dope Virgo, my friend Amir Ebrahimi (check an earlier feature here).


"Brooklyn Freestyle
Session presents: Amir's B-day Clash!

Starring Jah-Dah w special guest 77 Klash....if you like real deep live reggae and cutting edge underground electronic music, you should watch out for these Mobius Collective parties. Past featured guest were dope local Brooklyn acts, Sarah White & Don Cuco, Taylor McFerrin, TK Wonder, and Cecilia Stalin [Koop] from Sweden.

Dhundee and Stimulus will provide the beats...guaranteed to make your inner sexy get you on the dancefloor...these homies know how to throw a party!

Rose- 345 Grand Ave., Brooklyn

ARTISTS FOR OBAMA II: the world says...Obama 08

The world hasn't been this keen on being involved in US elections as today.
On the right, this photo was taken at a school named after Obama in Kogelo, a small rural village in western Kenya, where Obama's father is from.

Paris (France) poster declaring the Obama revolution(left), while this poster from the western Japanese town of Obama (yes, no mistake) is hailing Obama as president, or Daitoryo (right).

The streets are saying yes to Obama...This gentleman was captured in Paris, France (left). NYC street artist also show their support (right).

The West Coast: Poster from Chinatown, San Francisco, CA (left) and street art from Los Angeles, CA (right). To see more Obama street art and post yours, go to here.

These two brilliant pieces were sent to me by my homies from The Love Movement.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

SAVE THE DATE: Sew Far~Soul Good! w/ DJ Spinna & DJ Scratch

The wonderful Keita of KEISTAR PRODUCTIONS and the always stylish Al of THE MINORITY REPORT have asked me the other day to design the flier for their upcoming event, "SEW FAR~SOUL GOOD!" I had a lot of fun with this one..I decided to incorporate some drawing styles I used to practice more a few years ago. Clearly, this night will be the time to whip out your sexiest outfit to shine and mingle with the finest trendsetters, creatives, and fashionistas of the city while listening to dope music all night.

$15 advance tix are on sale NOW! With it you get, two dope DJ's all night, two live (Jeese Boykins III & Tiye Phoenix) performances, catered hors d'oeuvre's/appetizers served. Purchases of tickets for parties of ten or more at one time, are $10 each.

Tickets are available at these locations:
The Brooklyn Circus -258 Bergen St. near Nevins ave. 718-222-9772
Pieces (of Brooklyn) - 671 Vanderbilt Ave 718-857-7211
Harriet's Alter Ego - 293 Flatbush Ave. 718-783-2074
Addy & Ferro - 672 Fulton near S. Elliot 718- 264-2900
or contact Keistarproductions@gmail.com / theMreport@gmail.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ELECTRO-07: The sexiest wearable MIDI controller ever!

As someone who loves animal patterns, I was immediately drawn to this sexy, over-the shoulder snake-skin bag my friend, Rucyl Mills, was wearing in this picture...I quickly learned that this dope "bag" is actually a wearable MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface, see a general description here) controller, equipped with keypads, knobs and faders that Rucyl built herself! Elektro-07, as she named her creation, is mobility combined with sexiness and artistic imagination...a device that enables its users to control any performance requiring a computer without having to be tied to a laptop on the stage. Being a tech nerd never been so fly!!

In Rucyl's own words:
"I built the elektro-07 so I could control the sonic and visual parameters of my live performances without having to look deep into the eye of my laptop, hunched over in computer music stance. I’m still learning how to play it.. Software wise, it runs a maxMSP/Jitter patch smoothly, connected to my laptop by a long usb cable."
Rucyl is a NY-based singer, electronic musician and artist. Make sure to reach out to her if you'd like her to make you a custom electro-07...it is clearly the future of live electronic performance. She was recently featured on the cool Create Digital Music site. Check out her music and her interactive works and read her answers to the My Girlfriends Rule questionnaire on my other blog with Sarah White, WRONGLIPS.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am sharing this hoping that others can avoid the scenario I got myself into the other night as I was riding my black Raleigh down on Fulton st (Bedstuy, BROOKLYN)...Fulton is a one way street, but I tried to avoid the barely lit side streets..so, I was rolling down the empty sidewalk... yes, yes I know I am not supposed to ride on the sidewalk, but I wanted to stop at a store on the way home. So as I hit Franklin St, a cop came running after me and told me to get off the bike. Then he proceeded to write me a summon to criminal court!!...I can't believe he didn't just let me go with a ticket, or better off a warning. His colleague was a little embarrassed about the whole thing and kept repeating apologetically, "it's bullshit, but you only pay $20." Yeah, yeah, I know the bureaucratic monster-machine has to be fed...Lesson learned. I went home and put on my dusty Jackson 5's MOVING VIOLATION to console myself...lol

SAVE THE DATE: Lichiban at Alphabeta Gallery, BK

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CUT IT OUT! Where the ladies at...

I first met the creators of Cut It Out! Apparel at Harriet's Alter Ego, at one of the Backyard Couture events where you could meet some of the finest independent fashion designers in Brooklyn. The female owned and run Cut It Out! Apparel 's collection is not only super fresh, but the designs also have a message: liberate the mind of stereotypes and sexist attitudes! It is the 21st century, Obama is making history..time for change! Real power comes from the recognition that overpowering others (this includes women and all victims of oppression) is a compensation for one's insecurity and from letting go of the need to overpower....Check out their blog for news & updates.

SPECTRUM FUNK II: live art & music at DROM

I'll be live painting again at AMANDA DIVA's new event series, SPECTRUM FUNK. If you missed it last time, now is the time to make up for it...it's dope!

complimentary Heinekens while they last.

September 9th, Tuesday
DROM 8pm, 85 Ave A bw 5th & 6th

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ARTISTS FOR OBAMA I: yes we can make a difference

Below are some stellar Obama-inspired artwork from a few of my favorite artists. As someone who has seen her country going through a transition from communism to democracy, and been part of the most exciting and unpredictable times in the country, I am anxious and excited about these upcoming elections. Even my mom in Hungary is involved and is eagerly awaiting the election results . These are intense times we will only grasp the full significance of once historians begin to write text books about it...The U.S. is in bad shape as far as its international reputation and economy are concerned, and the world is watching in anticipation of a new America. I am completely exited about being part of such difficult yet exciting political times once again in my life... Times like these have a mobilizing and a revitalizing effect on art... as many of us artists are keep on saying it, there is a creative rennaissance going on centered in urban hearts--- three of the most vital ones are Brooklyn, L. A, and San Fransisco. I haven't seen so many artists get involved in visual politics as they do these days. Obama is a source of inspiration, like no one has been in long decades. Of course, he is not a magician, and will not turn a bleeding economy into prosperity overnight. [PROGRESS poster above by Scott Hansen]

In attempt to highlight some of my favorites, I decided to curate an online Obama exhibit.

One of my absolute favorites is DAVID CHOE's beautiful piece on the right. Choe did both pieces actually..I was hoping to see his rendering of Obama, so I was very happy to find out that he did not 1 but 2!

Brooklyn-based multitalent, Concep's trademark piece on the left is also beautiful. On the right, DATE FARMERS, the amazing duo of artists and sons of date farmers, have produced a limited-edition set of 300 campaign posters that had sold out already.

Xtrapop's dope piece will pleasure those who love minimalist retro design aesthetics

This is one of the freshest Obama murals, from one of my favorite artist collectives, HVW8

On the left, is one of my two Obama renderings...stay tune for prints...check back here, I'll have them soon! On the right, the dope solar crowned imagery is by Ray Noland.

These two pieces are from Antar Dayal, whose lovely work I just discovered through setting up this online exhibit.

On the left is MUNK ONE's fresh piece, while on the right Sam Flores's much anticipated poster doesn't dissappoint.

We've got TMNK's Basquiat-inspired piece on the left, and Morning Breath' s cool work on the right.

When it comes to posters, you've gotta give respect to OBEY aka Shepard Fairey. Much like the Czech artist-illustrator Alfonse Mucha, Fairey has mastered the science of poster art.

Graffiti artist, Mac's striking piece on left and OBEY's work on right.

Monday, September 1, 2008

BROOKLYN DIARIES: Summer of Heat, Part II

SUITE903 presents: PPP LISTENING PARTY, August 19th, 2008
You can always count on PPP bringing together good people and having a hella good time. The lucky ones present had a chance to listen to the full album before its official release date in January 2009...these guys are among the most talented musical minds today and they are mad funny! Check out the bling47 site for tour updates and merchandise (because bootlegging hard-working independent artists' work is not cool).
PPP's core Waajeed and Saadiq. Dhundee in the middle provided a dope warm up set. Coultrain on the right is the new addition to PPP...super talented singer/songwriter who completes the group perfectly.

Homies Dhundee, Waajeed & Charles Anthony on left...lol...

Sarah & Waajeed..lol...My girl, Eagle Nebula chatting with Wild Styles legend, Lee Quinones.

With Eagle Nebula. Cop her new album Cosmic Headphones (ePistrophic Peach Sound/grooveattack)

OP, Mike Steady & Jackie O