Monday, September 29, 2008

BROOKLYN OCTOBER ::: my ART SHOWS to celebrate LOVE this month

Somehow I ended up having my work in 3 different Brooklyn art shows this OCTOBER (and of course, absolutely no time...)
so first, 1) I'll have an art exhibit with artist friend YAH at NAPPY G's pre-record release party GPS SUPREME at SUPREME TRADING 213 N. 8TH Ave in Williamsburg, BK. My good friend, Nappy G is coming out with a dope EP on bagpak records this Fall, so this will be a little teaser. Other bagpak djs, such as Arch-typ, Yellowtail, Zilvinas will spin nu jazz/future soul in the front room. Our work will be on display between October 1st to October 4th.

then 2) I curated and co-present this exciting all-female art show with Yah of Cocolah (again!:) coming up on Sunday, October 5th at Harriet's Alter Ego, and will be on display until Oct 30th. This is an opportunity for me to connect and further expose some of the most talented female artists in New York in the hope of building a collective, a movement, or wherever we want to take it. This is the first installment of Girls Dream in Color, an all-female art exhibit & live art installation entitled "BABY, LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT LOVE IS..." It will also be the official launch party of, the brainchild of Yah aka Yacira Valdez, who is a true renaissance woman (stylist, visual artist, designer,mother). Cocolah is going to be the place to go for the dopest underground fashion designers' work and it will also sell prints of select artists (like myself).

The show is a celebration of LOVE in time of war through the feminine lens, featuring some of New York City's hottest emerging and established female artists. The exhibited works explore LOVE from a wide range of angles from the spiritual, erotic, dark, or familial to the political. As a collective, Girls Dream In Color hopes to inspire the next generation of young visionaries to follow their dreams to become artists.

and then, 3) at ALPHABETA, Brooklyn at the YOUNITY's Heart & Soul Exhibition and Book Launch, October 17,2008. I am super exited to be at this show with 50+ super dope female artists. It is time to channel some feminine creativity into these (in)tense times...Brooklyn is buzzing and I am very exited to be part of the whole creative expansion..we are definitely part of a movement, locally people call it the Brooklyn Renaissance, I feel like it is a reawakening of the heart that many of us feel and try to put it into our work...the world needs healing and it is time for us to build on the momentum and do this as individuals and also as collectives. I'll be doing a lot of collabs in the future and hope to bring together my artist friends so we can do this together. Long live freedom of the mind & the heart!

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Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

oh yes october is looking like a dope month...i plan to hit up atleast 2 if not all of these events.

dope blog by the way