Friday, September 19, 2008

Eagle Nebula's COSMIC HEADPHONES sold out in Japan!

This is the year of the Rat--the year of accomplishments and debuting new work (which might be a new you)--, and, indeed, it's been exiting to many of my friends who have come out with a number of dope new projects this year. My girl, Eagle Nebula's first solo album, COSMIC HEADPHONES (ePistrophik Peach Sound/ grooveattack) first dropped in Japan and it sold out in the first two weeks! Eagle worked with West-coast power couple, Georgia Anne Muldrow (producer) & Dudley Perkins (executive producer) who produced the entire album (check out the ePistrophic Peach Sound youtube page for more). Eagle's earth-healing rhymes channeling cosmic wisdom through her magic headphones are well-matched by Georgia's & Dudley's spacey hip-hop beats and haven't heard anything like is dope! Eagle is an inside-and-out beautiful person who always has an illuminating, positive aura you just want to be around...she is "effortlessly great" as Waajeed once described her to me...I am very happy for her success. Here is what Georgia says about Eagle

"cosmic headphones are her musings on this life experience; the etheric and the raw harmonize to create the quintessential soundtrack for the nu human nation. i am very proud to be her assistant on this album....once you hear the jewels that drop out her'll be hooked! envision a solar powered lowrider made from electrum with hovercraft capability and boom. you there."

She is going off on record release tour to France in October. Oye congrats, ma!

Eagle Nebula, where stars are born and initiated into cosmic secrets....COSMIC HEADPHONES coming in October to the US!
check out her blog here for more info.

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