Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am sharing this hoping that others can avoid the scenario I got myself into the other night as I was riding my black Raleigh down on Fulton st (Bedstuy, BROOKLYN)...Fulton is a one way street, but I tried to avoid the barely lit side, I was rolling down the empty sidewalk... yes, yes I know I am not supposed to ride on the sidewalk, but I wanted to stop at a store on the way home. So as I hit Franklin St, a cop came running after me and told me to get off the bike. Then he proceeded to write me a summon to criminal court!!...I can't believe he didn't just let me go with a ticket, or better off a warning. His colleague was a little embarrassed about the whole thing and kept repeating apologetically, "it's bullshit, but you only pay $20." Yeah, yeah, I know the bureaucratic monster-machine has to be fed...Lesson learned. I went home and put on my dusty Jackson 5's MOVING VIOLATION to console

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