Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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Perhaps a little late in game, but I only recently got exposed to Jesse Boykins III' work while I was doing some design work for DJ SPINNA's last event "SEW FAR SOUL GOOD" (coming up on Nov 8th again!), where I first saw Jesse's name. Then again, while working on Raye's flyer. Damm, I was missing out.

Hailing from Brooklyn via Kingston, Jamaica and Miami, Jesse is one of the most gifted musicians I've seen among the next generation artists who are defining the sound of the new era. He's been writing songs since 4th grade, and his creative journey has been a story of steady ascent since. You have to see him perform live, the power of his voice in a live setting is even more soul-penetrating. It is as if he is channeling music from its very source...truly beautiful work. His first full length album, DOPAMINE: My Life on My Back is one of the freshest sounds I've heard...soothing, sensual, unadulterated music beyond tags and limitation. (I am not surprised that he performed at Spinna's party...I can see them coming out with some soul-shattering sounds.).
DOPAMINE: My Life on My Back is available on itunes. Because it's is cool to SUPPORT living independent artists, buy good music! Keep your eyes out for his latest album "The Beauty Created" dropping on Nov 11th. You can get a closer view on his blog.

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