Monday, October 27, 2008


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i'm rolling up my sleeves in preparation to get a few collaborations going with some of my favorite artist colleagues/friends/inspirations/spiritual brethren to be part of my solo show in december at YUME. i'm really excited to get things started on a collab with amazing artist QUAN LUV of A.L.I.E.N crew. stay tuned for an interview with Quan coming up soon. [thanks for the shout out!]

Quan and the crew (Dorjan & Mega) inspired me to dig up some old work i've done back when i was 17 (i stopped doing this on a daily for a while)...i owe them the inspiration to reconnect with myself as an artist back then, when all i was working on was my art and my spiritual quest trying to understand myself and my relation to the Higher Self through drawing and mediation (like Mani, the founder of the Central Asian Manichean sect). these particular mandalas were originally intended as tattoo designs. more to come...

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