Monday, October 27, 2008


I was blown away by the turnout and the vibe at the opening night of YOUNITY's Heart & Soul female art show & book launch I was part of. Brooklyn where it's at, we are the makers of a new has reclamed its connection to peoples' heart (unlike abstract art that stimulates the aesthetic and the intellectual faculties mainly). Big thanks to my beautiful artists colleagues, TOOFLY and Alice Mizrachi (who you might also remember from the Girls Dream in Color show) who did an amazing job with the show as well as the with book. One of the illustrious members of YOUNITY is famed photographer/documentarian, Martha Cooper (below) with SLONE. To check more pics from the show, check the YOUNITY blog here.

Beautiful people, Rucyl Mills & King Britt, thanks for coming out!::: w/ artists colleagues Wahidah Fowler & Abeni Garrett, whose work was featured on the H & S flyer.

Jelsen "Jargon" Inncocent!! ::: "mirror mirror on the wall..."

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