Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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Raye 6's MASQUERADE birthday bash was beyond expectation...Raye and her crew really know how to put on a sexy show... Here are some visual mementos of Raye's magic theater of erotic fantasies and aural pleasures.

Prolific visionary, Concep also known for his massive body of amazing work and kaleidoscopic talent. Support big cats with big vision! [pic. 1-6 courtesy of Richard Louissaint ]

New skool represent!... with beautiful peoples, Jesse Boykins III, Cee the Photographer, Theophilus London and Print of Good Day Good Night [watch my word, you will hear a LOT about these folks in the future...they are all stars in their own rights...Brooklyn nebula keeps on birthing them]

Left: Theophilus London. Right: my fellow artist homies, the wonderful Jelsen Jargon and Rodney White. (check Jeslen's blog about the night:)

with my fly ladies::: L2R: Soul, Keita of Keistar Productions, Ngozi of Harriet's Alter Ego, Yah of Cocolah, Saint Yacque, Yakblak and Ndada. they run biz.

Left: Cee The Photographer and Gabrielle the Painter. Right: My beautiful kat peoples, Yah & Rucyl looking all sweet in front of my design for Raye. Yah styled Raye's black carpet outfit (the sexy black dress she wore before her performance)

Miss Eye Candy: katsister. On the right, sexy mama Miss Ashley ...

Nacinimod, always fresh (check his dope designs here). This night was full of kat women incarnated! lichiban hearts eye candy girls was hot in the pink room....
These are some of EMA's photos. check more here.

Our favorite Minority Report-er (right) was clicking away the whole night incognito...took me a sec to realize that it was Al:) Check his post on the night, here.

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