Sunday, October 12, 2008


The GIRLS DREAM IN COLOR art show/ launch party of COCOLAH.COM that Yah and I organized was a complete success! Beautiful people, beautiful energy...the house was packed the whole night. What came out of all this most prominently is the realization that we need to connect, build, things collectively. Many of these women have several creative hustles, and they are equally talented in all (we've got many MC, singer, producer, stylist, photographer, dancer & mother alteregos). As female artists, we didn't come together to put out an aggressive feminist message...we just simply want to share our creativity and express ourselves as best as we can, so that the next generation of female artists can look back at other examples of female artists beside Frida, who was one of the very few models for many of us. Yes, we can dream and we can realize them too...

I specifically chose the theme LOVE for this show to try to channel creatively that energy... with the worldwide economic crisis, and a potential mass depression looming around the corner, as an artist I feel responsible to put out and support art that has a positive vibration...and that could encompass work with a political message as well as erotic IS what makes the world go 'round.

Shoutout to The New Pop, Kicksclusive, The Minority Report , Kitty Fly Extre Hawks, Fusicology (for featuring it in their select newsletter twice in a row!), Never Leave ,, HighSnobette, Fly:The UrbanCouture, Critique de Culture, Makesmewannabeawriter, Brownstoner and everyone else I am not aware of for the support... we love you! These are some of the flix from the show. Follow the links for more...

Photography: Rodel Oiga. Check here for more photos.
L1: Cocolah's baby mama, Yah, the invincible & Marthalicia. R1: Texas and L. L2:Thank you, Ngozi! R2: Gigi Bio

Photography: Gigi Bio. Sha & Marthalicia did a fantastic job . Check Gigi's flickr page and the group page she set up for the show. If you are on flickr, you can join the group.

Photography by Al of The Minority Report. Big shout out to Al, who has been giving us a lot of love. Thank you so much for the support!! Make sure to check his post for more photos (and you should subscribe to his blog, he will keep you informed about what's poppin in NYC).
L1: Yah and our friend, George. R1: L & Raye 6, who was the subject of two different artwork during at the event.

These are my shots from the night....Wait, first the installation. Yah, the crafty. Shout out to the girls who gave us a hand.

L1:Beautiful folk singer Carla Duren & dope photographer, Mike Schreiber. R1: Josie aka INKA, with her crew of lovely ladies. L2: Alice Mizrachi & Jennifer Crute

L1: Art work by Sarah White. Ok, so I only know these super dope ladies: Sarah & Iza , Ashley, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn. Sorry guys

Al of The Minority Report got that Benjamin Bixby look. Evidently, Fillipino women are not only fly, but they make hot art. The lovely Fly Lady Di & Gigi Bio

L1: Raye with Gabrielle Watson, dope painter who painted that amazing piece of her behind them. R2: Raye with the piece I made, entitled "Blue Love 6".

L1: These beautiful chicas rock cameras on the daily...Cee the Photographer, Josie aka INKA and Cassie A. Gibson. R2: Eagle Nebula (super dope MC/photographer/videographer) & Protius ((super dope MC/photographer/videographer). Love you guys.

L1: Cee the Photographer...R1: INKA & Marthalicia. L2: Amanda Diva, another amazing multitalent.

we did it!!!!!!! lol

OK, so you know that the event was also the launch party for COCOLAH.COM, the new baby of my partner-in-crime, YAH aka Yacira. COCOLAH is a web flea market for underground artists and designers, that will make you forget about ever stepping into a mall (say ahhh!). ..and to make it more exiting, you can show off your dopest outfits and get instant fame through the weekly COCOLAH challenge:

"Take a few minutes..(cus s'aint yacque has faith that ya fly like that)
and create an outfit inspired by the picture enclosed.

Free Prize to the winner. and no it's not a date. Jeezus. I'm cheap but not that cheap."
send your photos to

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