Sunday, October 26, 2008

WE ARE THE PEOPLE ::: don't sleep then

The Fort Greene Film Society, Raw Fusion NYC, Rare Form, KeiStar Productions, Herbert Holler, Wonderway, Kilo International, Fusicology, Diamond Girl & Liquid Sound Lounge present

Would like to invite you to a critical film screening (and afterparty)...An opportunity to learn more about how they are planning to steal the election (again)!

We'll be screening 2 documentary films on the topic:
"Steal Back Your Vote"
by Greg Palast (BBC) & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
and "Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections"

Followed by a reception/social information session. With the city's favorite DJs: Spinna, Moni, Herbert Holler, Scribe, Blu Jemz and surprise guests!

Get your own copy of the "Steal Back Your Vote" comic book guide for free! [artwork "Words of Change" by Gui Borchet]

This Monday 10.27.2008 ::: Doors open at 8:30PM ::: Screening starts at 9:00PM :::::Tribeca Grand Screening Room
::: Reception in the lounge ::::::** This Event Is FREE! **

Did you know…
In the 2004 election:
-Over three million votes cast were not counted at all ::: Over half a million absentee ballots were received but not counted ::: Black voters absentee ballots were over 3 times more likely to be rejected than White voters' ::: Black voters votes were 9 times more likely not to be counted overall ::: Latino voters votes were 5 times more likely not to be counted
Subsequently, using new regulations developed under Bush's "Help America Vote Act":
-California rejected 40% of all new voter registrations in 2006 ::: The GOP Secretary of State of Florida plans to drop 85,000, predominantly African-American, voters from the rolls before this election ::: The former GOP Secretary of State of Colorado dropped almost 20% of all registered voters from the state's voter rolls. that's one out of every five. Now she's the Chairman of the US Election Assistance Commission for the entire country!
What you can do:
-Come to this event, see the screening, tell your friends (especially press, "celebs" who will lend visibility to the issue, and anyone with an audience to share the info with) ::: Go to to find out more

TO STAY INFORMED ABOUT THE PROBLEMS WITH THE VOTING MACHINES, make sure to check out the election watchdog organization, Black Box Voting that's working on raising awareness about the possible flaws with the electronic voting machines.

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