Monday, October 13, 2008

RAYE's delivery service

Friday, October 10 //// 2pm. Bell rings. I open the door and .....whaaaaaat? A mysterious looking masked individual properly delivers a... (then it clicks) personal INVITATION to Raye 6's upcoming birthday bash, the Masquerade this Friday, the 17th!! Dayyum, if this is how the delivery looks like, you can only imagine what the actual show is going to be like. The location hasn't been revealed yet, so make sure to check back for more info on Raye's page. It is not too late to rsvp at sure to do it before the 15th to find out about the secret location. Also, check out her WRONGLIPS feature.

It was great to see my design come to real life on paper. I found out that she and London hand-delivered each personal invite from door to door!

This is why they call it The Raye 6 Experience.

Don't miss out on this one...All three performers are incredible talents in their own right. Make sure to check out Raye's two homies Theophilus London (remember him from an earlier post) and Jesse Boykins III as well.

it's on

...and don't forget, before the Masquerade
the same day
come join me
at the
all-female underground art show & book launch
i am part of.
exact info here

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