Wednesday, November 5, 2008


your mind ::: universe ::: heal ::: time travel ::: possibility ::: truth ::: leave ::: enter ::: future ::: together ::: we ::: one ::: always
This comes fresh from the source, my homie PRINT. Getting to know many new-generation Brooklyn artists & movers-and-shakers made me realize how many of us are out there trying to put out art that has a subtle positive spiritual message, and that we are farthest from being plagued with apathy (I hope it's not just Brooklyn though, but we are definitely one of the centers of the ongoing artistic renaissance). I first heard Print and his band Good Day Good Night's album when I was painting my mural at the YUME loft gallery, and I really got into their music. I love this brilliant collab Print did with another Brooklyn fam member I've been supporting here for a while, Theophilus London...if you want to get deeper into his mind, check my feature from a previous post here.
the Print of GOOD DAY GOOD NIGHT Presents: Who Am I feat. Theophilius London

Their much-anticipated new album"Comic Books UNLIMITED" dropping on December 08, 2008 //// Good Day Good Night, lead by Brooklyn native musician Print, takes you a journey through the fantastically realistic world of comic books, inviting many other artists to step outside their usual artistic self and indulge in becoming a hero who they connect with, so they as imaginary heroes together can create innovative music. Artists such as Fresh Daily, Wordspit, Mickey Factz, Cocoa Sarai, Melo X, Rahsaan, Outasight, Theophilius London, Homeboy Sandman, and many other grace the record with their unique styles. Stay tuned for more on Print...

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YELLOW said...

Print from Good Day Goodnight is a dope artist indeed. I've been to plenty of his show (especially at Sputnik)... His performances are always on point along with the other artists.
Clark Kent aka Print!