Wednesday, November 5, 2008


..... there was NO NEED FOR RECOUNT.

I am still ecstatic about yesterday's turnout. Luckily, I was around friends to share the hugs, pounding heartbeats, and the feeling of unity brought on by the victory of Barack Obama. Beautiful moments to live for, indeed.

The world was watching and hoping for a change too. Having traveled around the world for years, I've seen the way the US began to lose its credit in the world's eye during the last 8 time has come to change that and recognize that we have come from the same source and as people we have a responsibility toward one recognize and apologize for our past wrongdoings and to assure that solidarity and love for our fellow human soul travelers prevail over the will to power and greed. Obama is seen as the symbol of this, which is why he touched so many all over the world. Click on image to check the world's reaction to this historical victory.

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