Friday, November 14, 2008

FREE MUSIC: PPP/Waajeed: ABUNDANCE (Official Mixtape)

hot shit... and it's free. get on it here.
beside all the free PPP remix gems, you also get a chance to get a special intro to Waajeed's new electronic projects, Resurgence and Fresh Boogie...dopest galactic soul.
1. (Waajeed Intro) 2. PPP feat. Coultrain - Angel (Waajeed Remix) ( DOWNLOAD) 3. Waajeed - Resurgence 4. (Angel Remix Commentary) 5. PPP feat. J Dilla - Shotgun (Waajeed's Plinky Remix) ( DOWNLOAD) 6. Waajeed - Fresh Boogie 7. (Plinky Commentary) 8. PPP feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Your Day Is Done (PPP vs. DJ Topspin Remix)* 9. (Day Is Done Commentary) 10.PPP feat. SA-RA & Rozzi Daime - Deep Inside (Waajeed Remix) % 11.PPP feat. Tiombe Lockhart - Stay With Me (Waajeed vs. DJ Topspin Remix) 12.(Deep Inside & Stay With Me Commentary) 13.PPP feat. Zeno - Fever (DJ Topspin's Stay With Me Blend) ^ 14.PPP feat. Jamila Raegan - Goodbye (PPP EXCLUSIVE) + 15.(Fever Blend & Goodbye Commentary) 16.Jazmine Sullivan feat. Coultrain - Jump Off (BLING47 RADIO EXCLUSIVE) 17.(Jump Off Commentary) 18.PPP feat. Coultrain & Jamila Raegan - Stand For Something (PPP EXCLUSIVE) 19.(Stand For Something & Pigeon Hole Commentary) 20.PPP feat. Coultrain - Pigeon Hole (PPP - ABUNDANCE PREVIEW)
make sure to give PPP & Waajeed a shout..their new album dropping in January 2009, ABUNDANCE is huge.

Big thanks to bling47 for the shoutout!

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