Monday, December 1, 2008

MY FIRST SOLO SHOW: The Secret Lives of Samurais [preview]

As some of you may know, I have a solo exhibit coming up on December 13th at Brooklyn's newest underground art spot, YUME. Preparing for this show has been the biggest challenge of my creative journey so far, not only because of the time constraint but also because of all the logistics involved in carrying out a huge project like this.

I've been locked up pouring all my heart into this project. For me, this is way bigger than an art exhibit... it is the visualization of my spiritual journey in attempt to synthesize some of the knowledge I learned through reading Kashmiri Sufi visualization exercises, the writings of Rumi, Hafez, Milarepa, Manichean Scripts, the Hermetica, Tibetan Tantric and Japanese Buddhist texts, the Upanishads and so much may wonder how are these related to Samurais and ninjas...well, I invite you to witness the ongoing creation of this magical fantasy story (or call it creative reality) I have begun to weave with fellow light-seekers who have blessed my show with their creative energy and vision [peep the flier for the names]. These fellow ninjas have been my constant inspiration, and I feel truly blessed to have them in my life. And those who didn't end up being part of this one..just wait, I already have the next one mapped out! This is really just the beginning...forget about the recession, let's get real and go deep within in 2009...the time is calling us.

Through preparing for this show, I was able to reconnect with a seemingly lost part of my younger self as an artist (that is when I was doing art & reading mystical texts 24/7) and rediscover some of my older work. In a way these new pieces bring me to a complete cycle...only to begin a new one! Special thanks to Quan Luv, Dorjan and Mega for inspiring me on this one.

Ok, so stay tuned for more info...I will continue to introduce each members of the crew in the next couple of weeks and will reveal some visuals (though I can't show you the artwork quite've gotta come check those out at the show:).
[photo: Raye 6 & Quan Luv]

[photo: lichiban]

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Caitlin Meissner said...

Lisci this looks amazing! Hit me with the time of the opening party and cover charge. I want to be there!