Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BLOGLOVE: Happy Birthday, Ill Vibes!

Long overdue, but never too late, I'd like to send my peeps at Ill Vibes in D.C, and JB in particular who hosted me with 5* treatment, a big shout out for being the best hosts while I was down there in January. Illvibes-their super fresh blog loaded with exclusive interviews, free downloads and artist reviews-is having its one year anniversary, so I'd like to take the opportunity to send a Happy B-day shout as well. Check them out & give them some love here.
Thank you, you guys rule!

From lichiban blossom


Dobe8 said...

yo lichi!!! this is Diego, thanks for the love and damn im def feelin the artwork! Hopefully we can catch up if we eva get to NY. iLL Vibes got ya back

Royal1 said...

Had no idea you were so HIP-HOP with an eloquent passion for art.
I can dig it. Love the vibe you've got going over here.
The Ill Vibes Lyrically Inclined Mixtape featuring Wale out of the DMV is a MUST.


J-Biz said...

We really appreciate the support, Lichi! And you're more than welcome to come back if you're ever in DC again!