Monday, February 2, 2009

iheART NYC: LADIES LOVE DILLA...I'll be live painting here!

Every year, Brooklyn celebrates the birthday of one of the greatest musical minds of all time, the late James J. Dilla (b. February 7, 1974-February 10, 2006). I LOVE Dilla and of course I am much honored to contribute this year's tribute with some live painting. My dad's birthday falls on the same day as Dilla's (go Aquarians!) and my grandma died of lupus, so I'm particularly connected to the cause of raising awareness and $ for a good cause.

This is going to be a sexy all-female tribute featuring Jean Grea & Bless Rockwell on the mic, Jasmine Solano on the decks and many more! Make sure to RSVP by 8 pm Wednesday to get the $10 reduced ticket(the door cost will be 15.00)

Ok so here are the details.
2.6.09 Deity
10pm till 3am -
A Tribute to Dilla and Lupus Awareness Fundraiser

DJ's : Chela, Jasmine Solano, Brinapayne, ILL P, Mirandom, Tara (on BOTH FLOORS)
MC's : Bless Roxwell and Jean Grae
A live band J Dilla tribute by Revive Da Live featuring Nikki Glaspie (Sugamamas) on Drums
Tribute Paintings by: Lichiban (that's me:) / Alexandra Cespedes / Vanessa Chakour
Photography and Videography by: Cee the Photographer, Elizabeth Allen (EMA Photography), Texas (THE NEW POP), and Tchaiko Owamale (My Fave Things)
3 Dollar GREAT GRAND DOOR Raffle Prize Provided By: Kani Ladies, Zulu Rose, Brooks Valley Restaurant and Locs of Nu Hair Salon

Host Committee:
Mary Pryor (FUSE/We Fancy), Tchaiko Omawale (My Fave Things), Nakia Booth (Sugatreats Radio/DMS Country), Laurie Markiewicez (Arise Collective), Meghan Stabile (Revive Da Live), Raquel Wilson (Supreme Being), Anita Bryant (A Marketing), Toni Blackman, Martha Diaz (Hip Hop Association), Kristen Fraser (Cornerstone), Carlee Jean, DJ Reborn, Dove (Tygereye), Raye 6, Renae Bluitt (In Her Shoes, Crush Media), Sarah Montgomery Glinski, Khareen Georges (SHADES Radio), Jeorgina Williams (Jintrovert), LaMae Campras (TASTE/LICK/URB), Sandy Yap (Fusicology), DJ Lindsey, Betta Broad, Yacira Valdez (Cocolah), DJ Moni, Renae Morgan - Saks (Sly Art/Robot City), Ngozi Odita (Harriet's Alter Ego), Sarah White (Wronglips), Vivian Kimi Tozaki, C. Zawadi Morris, Ira-Sharay Kip, Aiko Ishikawa, Manushka Magloire (VIBE), Kila Lamadora (House of Mamasan), Nicky Guiland (HEAvy), Keita Williams (Keistar Productions), Kristina Marino

Also check out the L.A Weeks interview with
J Dilla's Mother, Ms. Maureen Yancey here. While many people are making serious dough off of Dilla's legacy, Ma Dukes struggles to find her way through the legal limbo land and the jackals of the music industry. Check out this link to read more on this. Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, the mother of the late James “J Dilla” Yancey, is currently battling the same disease that took her son’s life. To support Ma Dukes, Parra came up with this tee below, which will be available on select sites in February. Proceeds from this tee goes to Ma Dukes.

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See One said...

Good blog Lichi! i hope all has been well, I might be at the Dilla event on the 6th, not sure yet. Im mad u dont have my blog on ur blog roll tho! Keep up the good work.

See One
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