Monday, February 16, 2009

i'm FEELING: Woolfy!!!

I discovered Woolfy a few months ago & been one of my favorites since. Peep his super-dope release "The Astral Projections of Starlight" (Oct 2008) that takes you on a cosmic journey through the galaxies of your mind with soothing, lazy tunes (eg. Carry On, Escape)...I would listen to this to get some visionary inspiration.[source:]

Now for a different mood, listen to THAT LADY, a new-wave dirty disco gem with a heavy bassline and analog sound, this track is sexy as hell....a def turn on.
listen and download for FREE here (option click).

also check out his new EP, Oh Missy on dancetrack where you can also listen to it.

Somebody's gotta bring him to NYC!



YES!!! I just got this on Vinyl the other day...The In Flagranti remix is quite awesome.

The Discorocker Soundsystem said...

thanks for linking to my blog - but please link to the post instead of just the file... :-)