Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MORE DILLA....FREE TRIBUTE MIXTAPE and some memorable moments

The DONUTS FOREVER 3 night was off the hook!!My man Waajeed, a personal friend of Dilla from Detroit and Ge-ology were holding it down along with Sucio Smash all night long....
[photo courtesy of Jackie O']
Though for some reason, lots of Dilla events attract mostly dudes, the ladies definitely represented on Saturday. I haven't danced in ages and finally had a chance to make up for it. with Jackie O' (middle) and her lovely friends

LOL...Waajeed & Geo who won the best Dilla memorabilia gear in my book.

Rich Medina, Waajeed, and Spinna...3 of NYC's best DJs under one roof

Raise it up!

and here are some of the pics of the developing Dilla tribute sketch/painting I did the previous night at the Ladies Love Dilla event. Excuse the quality of my images, I still don't have a proper camera, these are images from my blackberry.

Def needs a lot of work...I am not really satisfied with the result, but hey, it was a new kind of challenge to draw someone live on the spot, and I did it...don't hate!

last but not least, I also have some freebie from the dope site, which you should check out for more free music, including other Dilla tribute mixes. click here to listen or download SNS's tribute podcast here .(make sure to option+click on the link if you're having trouble downloading)

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eriklyn said...

hi Lichi! aww I wish I were Dilla's tribute party in JP :(